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Q&A: What is the best possible civilian employment shortcut to get a pilots license and build flight time?

by tom44 on April 11, 2013

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Question by : What is the best possible civilian employment shortcut to get a pilots license and build flight time?
I was thinking of trying to get a technology job or support position with a smaller cargo or aviation company that could help me become a pilot by allowing me to build flight hours. I would guess many of the pilots that work for these companies are certified flight instructors anyway. This way I could potentially have a job and get some help on the pilot licensing side. Any suggests or ideas?

My home state is Florida and I can also apply in the New York area.

Best answer:

Answer by Warbird Pilot
So you want to work in the office and then get the guys that did it the hard way to train you so you can move into their jobs one day. Right….

Get a job. Save the money, learn to fly. When you have time and ratings, apply; looking for a place that will let you fly, not learn, fly as part-time crew. Be prepared to change jobs until you find one that fits.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: What is the best possible civilian employment shortcut to get a pilots license and build flight time?

  1. vdubya2004 says:

    It doesn’t quite work that way. There’s only two employers I can think of who will partially train and hire you for a first officer position. That’s Gulfstream Academy or Gulfstream Airlines and then there is a company in Miami who is partnered with American Eagle who will do this. Basically you have to have a Commercial license with x amount of time. Then you pay them anywhere from $ 25,000 to $ 35,000 for training and a right seat. Basically you are paying to for a job which at the return compensation rate makes no earthly sense.

    The best way to do this is try and get support from your parents if any or get a loan or a combination of both. Use the money to earn your ratings at a part 61 training facility or 141. Your choice. With part 61 certification, it won’t necessarily take longer, but you’ll be more experienced. and have more total time under your belt. Then earn your instructor ratings and get a job as a flight instructor. This is where the majority of your learning will occur. Build flight hrs and experience, then move on to other flying positions. This is the best possible option. This way you don’t cut corners and miss that valuable experience some lack.

  2. Black Knight says:

    Sorry you pays your money and do it just like every other person!

  3. Ginger LaBeouf says:

    Definitely not wise to try and take shortcuts. You can work a civilian job in the meantime while you are taking your helicopter training. If you complete your training, you may be able to become a flight instructor yourself which is one way to quickly build up hours.

  4. JetDoc says:

    Would YOU want to fly behind a pilot who took shortcuts to get where he is?

    There are no shortcuts to obtaining a pilot’s license, or to a job flying airplanes. Either put in the time and complete the training or find another career.

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