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Q&A: What is the average salary for a studio photographer in the Boston area?

by tom44 on August 26, 2013

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Question by nosuchthing021: What is the average salary for a studio photographer in the Boston area?
Is it possible to make a living doing this? I am considering a job which includes studio work as well as events such as sports, proms, and other photojournalism work as well. Can I make a decent salary? By decent I mean 35k at least.

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Answer by newyorkgal71
Ask a photographer in Boston.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: What is the average salary for a studio photographer in the Boston area?

  1. fhotoace says:

    Most studio photographers own their own studios, so salaries are not in the mix as such. Their profits are based upon the market pressures and their ability to produce images clients want.

    I know of now one who can live on $ 35,000 living in Boston and support the overhead of a studio, equipment and constant upgrades of their camera equipment and computers.

    What you may find is a good position as a photographers assistant working in a successful studio somewhere in the Boston area.

  2. antoni m says:

    if you want a salary be an assistant

    if you want to run a studio the income depends on the quality (not price) of your lighting and techincal ability you have to produce images people will part cash with for.

    unless your doing portraits, have a small home office and product/other lighting set up and be freelance

  3. nikonfotos100 says:

    From the sounds of it you are going to be working for a company that wants you to do this stuff as a part of a contract. That means you would be getting a percentage of how much work you do. I could be wrong but that’s what it sounds like to me.

    Since I do not live in the Boston area and not knowing what the rates of the work you are doing I can not say if you could make a decent living or not.

    So you could contact another photographer in the area but you have to remember he can see you as competition and give you bad advice to keep you from doing this. He could be honest and tell you the truth.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Sid M says:

    Why don’t you consider doing Postcards??
    I was a fashion fotographer for years. Did farely well with tests. But when it came to getting paid jobs I hit a brick wall. Then i started doing Postcards. No studio, no lighting, no pain in the neck clients. Just a simple camera with a wide angle lens and photoshop. I clear a lilte over 300K a year now. i wish I had fell into dong this years back when I was suffering paying my dues.

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