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Q&A: What is an acting class for teens (12-17) that is in the Boston area and allows kids to have success?

by tom44 on July 10, 2013

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Question by Haha: What is an acting class for teens (12-17) that is in the Boston area and allows kids to have success?
Plz help im looking for an acting school in the Boston area and is able to give kids their to meet acting agents and maybe become famous. Also i dont really want to spend ATON of money their! Plz help! Thanks aton!

Best answer:

Answer by AngelAura
If there a way to become a ‘famous actress” . . . then, everyone would until they found out about “fame”.

FAME guarantees a few things:
1) No privacy, even when certain things should be private.
>> Why should we know Lindsay Lohan’s personal problems? Or even Britney Spears? Would YOU want your custody battles or your mental instability all over the news? For all your friends, family and strangers to JUDGE YOU? I think not!

2) Fame guarantees making any sort of personal problems BIGGER.
>> If you’re bad with money; your bills and debt will be much worse!

3) If you have low self-esteem, with the world judging you and putting you down — you will only feel worse about yourself.
>>Many famous people get hooked on drugs or liquor> to kill or numb themselves from the pain of public scruntiny.
>> Many famous people cannot survive the life of fame and die young> Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, River Phoenix, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Freddie Prinze (father of Freddie Prinze, Jr.) and so many more.

The only way to guarantee fame is be born or adopted by famous parents:
i.e., Suri Cruise
The Jolie-Pitts children
And some famous children of famous parents:
Angelina Jolie (both parents famous actors)
Jennifer Aniston (father is an actor who, by Hollywood standards, is well-known)
Kate Hudson (Mom is Goldie Hawn and Stepfather, Kurt Russell [he was a child star, too])

In the meantime . . . keep taking acting classes (school or outside), audition for and do community theatre plays/musicals and student films.

Study something lucrative (medicine, law, business, criminal justice); really, anything you can make money doing while working on your “dream” career.

Be in love with acting/singing and not with “fame”. Because its about loving what you do. Fame is never, ever guaranteed.

The question is: Are you dedicated enough to work (at other things) for years, while doing non-paying or low-paying theatre or low-budget films, spending your extra money (if there is any) on classes, good food, rent and living life?

If the answer is “yes” . . . sure! You may make a living at it . . . you may be very successful . . . you may not . . . at least, not in acting. You may make a few low-budget films or be on stage all the time (like me) and love it! Then, in the morning, go to your regular job and make the real money.

There’s no way to guarantee success in show business . . .

Still, if you learn business . . . real business . . .you’ll be leaps ahead of those who think actors are automatically rich and famous. You’ll have real usuable knowledge and may become an Agent or Casting Director!

You have much more power if you’re a Producer or Director, anyway.

And if you want to be famous . . . cure cancer or feed all the starving people in the world. In short, help others . . . that will bring you fame.

As for self-esteem . . . You must love yourself first. If you do not, all the money and fame in the world will not cure you. Even if the world loves you (and there will always be people who do not) — it still will not be enough. Because, with famous people, well, the love is because they are famous and not because of who they are (a lot of the time).

They have to be careful to trust people who claim to want to be friends . . .because it may be only because of the fame.

If you really want to act, though . . .here’s the formula:

Take your school’s drama/choir . . .
Do school plays . . .

During this time . . . you can also: Do community theatre!

[Every city/state have a community theatre somewhere. I even did a play in a tiny place called Lake Wales, FL & Winnemucca, Nevada)
>> So, with enough looking, you can find a place to do shows and musicals.

Graduate high school . . . with the best grades ever, in every subject.

Apply to a performing arts college . . .and preferably a regular college
Go to college . . . learn something besides acting . . .study business . . .

Remember, its show BUSINESS. 98% of it is business.

You can find schools, auditions, etc. in your local newspaper or craigslist, which has a section for acting gigs. And you must have ONE or BOTH PARENTS to check things for you due to child labor laws. Also, someone has to guide your career all the time until you are 18-years-old.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America, YMCA or YWCA and community centers also, often, offer free or low cost acting classes. And at your school . . . you just join the drama department and get the training for free!

And read:
“Respect For Acting” by Uta Hagen
“How To Sell Yourself As An Actor” by K Callan
“Being and Doing” by Eric Morris
“Acting Professionally” by Robert Cohen
“Toxic Fame: Celebrities Speak on Stardom” by Joey Berlin

Also a great site with wonderful resources:
“You Must Act” by Bob Fraser

For your soul and dreams:
“Ask And It Is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks

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