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Q&A: what is a good career that requires minimal schooling?

by tom44 on August 13, 2013

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No Experience Necessary

Question by confused: what is a good career that requires minimal schooling?
i tried college for a year & a half, and couldnt make up my mind on what i wanted to do. does anyone know of any good trades (besides medical assisting or anything that has to do with needles) that doesnt require much schooling?

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Answer by capwest5a
The only things I can think of that can make you good money with little schooling are just that – trades. Plumber, tile-cutter, general construction worker. No real schooling is involved – the ‘schooling’ comes from experience. Once you have mastered a trade, you can charge bank for it. But at first, when you are just gaining experience, don’t expect to get paid all that much – at that point, you are an apprentice or a journeyman, not a master.

Another possibility is grocery store jobs. (I did those for decades in my life. I eventually wound up in a major chain grocery store. Union job. Paid holidays. Medical/dental/vision benefits. High pay.) No schooling whatsoever involved. All you need is a willingness to perform great customer service each and every day and also have the ability to be trained on how to use equipment properly, be it cash registers, meat slicers, whatever.

Those days were actually some of the best years of my life. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder ten years ago and I simply couldn’t do that kind of work any longer. (I can barely walk now – so carrying even a box is essentially impossible for me to do. Which sucks. And don’t even mention stairs – I HATE stairs). But luckily, I did have schooling to fall back on. I do bookkeeping for small businesses now (for $ 50 per hour). It’s not like I work 40 hours a week though, but I make enough to have a comfortable life.

Good luck with what you do and best wishes from Seattle 🙂

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