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Q&A: What is a competitive pay rate for a technical support person dedicated to the company’s executives?

by tom44 on August 24, 2013

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Question by Verbal: What is a competitive pay rate for a technical support person dedicated to the company’s executives?
I am considering a position as the technical analyst dedicated to the executive group at a financial corporation in Minneapolis. I would provide desktop and Blackberry support for about 80 people including the CEO, CFO and other high-level executives. I am wondering what people’s thoughts are on fair compensation for this position. And, if there is anyone else in a similar role that would be willing to share their approximate compensation.
A couple other details – The company is in the Mortgage business and has around 20,000 employees. Also, it would not be a direct employment with the company. A large national IT firm has a contract with them to be the in-house desktop support. The company I would be employed with pays well, 50K plus for other (non-executive) desktop support positions.
New details- The position is paying 22.45/hour. 8-5 Mondy-Friday, no after hours on-call. One week paid vacation and 6 paid holidays. Having about four years of experience in technical support this compensation is far below what I believe to be market. I am looking for another job.

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Answer by mprsox
There is no easy answer here – it depends on the size of the firm and the local markets and company reputation. This is one of those jobs where they don’t really appreciate you until they don’t have you anymore. Having audited small and large firms and written SOX policies for wireless devices for executives, what I can tell you is that it depends on the value of info being delivered as well- if they review their public firm’s confidential finances prior to disclosure, you have more leverage (my guess is 25%, but it is a guess). if it is just plain email, then most likely would be no premium- but you should ask for one anyway maybe 10-15% – they will want you on 7×24 status. also ask for flex time, bonus, etc. to comp for odd hours.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: What is a competitive pay rate for a technical support person dedicated to the company’s executives?

  1. vegas35 says:

    One thing to keep in mind is that working with executives has the potential to be very stressful. They want what they want, when they want it. And they usually don’t accept “no” as an answer.

    It’s very possible the manager of the technical support team may be seeking to climb the corporate ladder, on your shoulders. Both you and your manager are in a very visible position. You make a mistake, and you’re on their “list”. So, there is a lot of overhead involved.

    I think a common midwest pay rate for technical support is around $ 35-40K. With the added stress, I wouldn’t do it for less than $ 50K. But, it’s all about what your financial needs are, what type of work you enjoy doing, and where you want to live.

  2. joe s says:

    It depends on the financial corp. I am suspecting it’s an insurance company, since you are in Minneapolis. They are usually on the conservative side, also less demanding on staff. “C” level support there would probably pay $ 80Kto $ 120K.

    Now if you were “C” level support for a NY metro area hedge fund, you salary would probably be $ 150K-$ 250K. But don’t expect to have a life, it’s would be a 24/7 job and you wouldn’t be home for more than a few days at a time.

  3. JQT says:

    The median salary range for a technical support person with at least 5 years of experience in Minneapolis area is about $ 61k – $ 83k per year.

    Whether your salary will be at a premium or discount of this range will depends among many criteria the length of your industry experience, is it a 8/9 to 5 kind of job or does it requires after normal business hour support, how well is the business doing etc.

    Keep in mind that immediate monetary reward isn’t the only compensation that company consider when hiring you. Also take into consideration things like benefits (insurance, 401k matching, dependent care, training/education reimbursement etc.)

    Use the range suggested as a guideline. Then based on what you know about your potential offering package and the company, do appropriate adjustments.

    Best wishes.

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