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Q&A: What in your opinon, is the best state in the United States and why?

by tom44 on June 12, 2013

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Question by Not mexican he rakes leaves see!: What in your opinon, is the best state in the United States and why?
I personally think Arizona was a nice state to drive through and check out before alot of the mexicans overran Phoenix and the other cities.
I’m not racist because i dont like a bunch of illegals taking over a state that was once nice. your a dumb*ss, I bet your dad wished he jerked off on the ground and stepped on it instead of having you

Best answer:

Answer by parshooter
Being that you seem to be a racist I would think you would like Idaho. Lots of rednecks and bigots there.

“I am not really a mexican but i like that they rake leaves”
Says the one with the name – Not mexican he rakes leaves see!

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: What in your opinon, is the best state in the United States and why?

  1. kaylora says:

    WASHINGTON!!! Ocean beaches, Mountains, Active Volcanos, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes, Puget Sound…We’ve got it all in only 71,303 sq. miles!

  2. jyd9999 says:

    Oregon, the sales tax hasn’t got there yet

  3. MissKathleen says:

    Tennessee – not overrun by illegal immigrants, good medical care, beautiful scenery, jobs, music. The only thing going against it is the violent tornadoes…)(

  4. bobiswhat says:

    Hawaii – The only state that cannot connect to another – and they have interstates.

    Texas – It is big and it was a country before it joined the US.

    Nebraska – They don’t have the problems of a house vs. senate because they only have one unicameral house.

    DC – Wait, that’s not a state.

    Ohio – It sounds like what dwarfs would sing.

    California – Because the Terminator runs it, and the land of fruit(s) and nut(s) is shaped like a banana.

    Minnesota – “The Body” Ventura used to run it.

    Puerto Rico – Why not?

    Every state has good, bad, and stupid people. It mostly depends on what you prefer.

  5. isin50 says:

    IRAQ , the latest state to join the union

  6. patmurph16 says:

    California, its got deserts, mountains, beaches, farming land, forests. The price of living is too high, though.

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