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Q&A: What do I have to do to become a German teacher in the USA?

by tom44 on May 25, 2013

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Question by Baby 1: What do I have to do to become a German teacher in the USA?
I wanna become a german teacher in Minneapolis, but the problem is, that I live in Germany and I am german as well.
Right now I study law and I am in the 3 semester, but I don’t like it that much.
What do I have to do to become a German teacher?

Best answer:

Answer by Aurora McChicken
Well, you should probably switch your major… it might take a little extra time, but it would be worth it if that’s what you want… also, you would need to get a visa to work over here…
Also, good job for choosing Minneapolis! Minnesota is the best!

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One thought on “Q&A: What do I have to do to become a German teacher in the USA?

  1. priyanka says:

    If you love learning German, you may also love sharing your experience with it by teaching it to others. German language teachers teach in many secondary schools and colleges, introducing the language to new students and guiding advanced students to fluency. Devoting your career to a subject you love can be rewarding, but it also takes years of study and hard work.
    1-Consider where you want to teach. To teach at the middle or high school level, you’ll only need a bachelor’s degree. Public schools, and some private schools, will also require that you have a teaching certificate from the state. Fewer secondary schools teach German than other languages, though some might start programs if they had the right person to teach it. If you want to teach at the college level, you’ll need to pursue graduate degrees.
    2-Study German in college. Though a major is preferable, it may not be necessary. But it is important that you do significant coursework in German and become fluent in the language. Most schools, though not all, offer courses in German. Make sure the school you attend is one of them.
    3-Explore related topics. You want to compliment your study of the language with courses on German culture and literature, translation, and education. A semester, year, or summer abroad in Germany could really round out your education and make you a desirable job applicant.
    4-Get a teaching certificate. Many colleges offer the training and experience necessary to earn the teaching certificate necessary to teach at most school below the college level. It’s also possible, though it will take extra time, to get this certificate after completing an undergraduate degree. It’s even possible in many states to enter into a program that allows you to start teaching while you finish getting certified.
    5-Receive an advanced degree. You’ll need to excel in your undergraduate studies to get into these graduate programs. A masters and doctorate degree will be necessary for most college level teaching positions. Other experiences, and any publications, will also help you find a job.

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