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Q&A: What city in Texas is the best to live in?

by tom44 on July 25, 2013

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Question by Dino and Jeanna: What city in Texas is the best to live in?
My boyfriend and I are thinking about moving after we are married and we are trying to decide which city in Texas would be the best to live in. We are looking for a place that the cost of living is not outrageous and has a good job market (preferably in health care). We are looking for a place that is pretty and scenic. Also somewhere that has things to do and places to go (within reasonable distance). And good place to raise a family. Any answers would be great. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Tommy
I would recommend Houston. It’s Nice there! Theres alot to do. It’s big though, lol.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: What city in Texas is the best to live in?

  1. Hueston T says:

    Houston of course

  2. Kittappa says:

    Me and my family moved here to Austin, from Massachusetts 6 months ago and really like it here. The weather, the cost of living, the lifestyle, the houses, even the economy. Ive heard many Texans say Austin is the best place to live and I’m not sure about the other cities but I know that it has very few cons and that it is more scenic and outdoor oriented than other cities in Texas which are more flat and spread out.

  3. StevenMayo says:

    “Scenic” is where you threw me off. It’s tough to do scenic in Texas. I’ve lived here my whole life, so maybe I’m just used to it, but this is not a pretty place. Not in the cities, not in the towns, not in the boonies, not anywhere.

    However, it can still be a great place to live, especially if you’re going into health care.

    I’d recommend Houston or Dallas, both of which have modern medical structures anchored by highly-accredited hospitals. The job market is still pretty strong, and in the suburbs around Dallas (Plano, Richardson, Allen, Frisco), the schools are top notch. Plenty to do as far as theme parks, stadiums, shopping, museums, that kind of thing. Lots of family entertainment in both destinations.

    Great restaurants, also. Both Houston and The Big D are major food towns that haven’t really garnered the credit they deserve.

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