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Q&A: What are the best & worst areas in & around Minneapolis, MN?

by tom44 on November 27, 2013

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Question by TMS: What are the best & worst areas in & around Minneapolis, MN?
My husband and I are looking to move to the Minneapolis, MN area next year and are trying to find out which areas are good to live in and which areas we should stay away from.
We aren’t too picky about exactly where so long as it is somewhat close to colleges, museums, etc.–a 20 minute drive to be in a safer area would be fine. We are hoping to find something near major roads/interstates or at least with easy access to everything.

Best answer:

Answer by mcc
I guess it depends on what you are looking for and where you are working. Looking for schools, close to transit, close to job – lots of different answers based on what your priorities are. Provide a few more details and I’m happy to help.

First off – you will not find giant pockets of unsafe like in some major city areas – If you are looking condo there are some nice ones right along the River in Minneapolis just a little bit North of down town. (some really good condo buys down there) There are also some on the more west side of down town by Loring Park area that are near Orchestra Hall. There are a couple of Universities that have a campus down town.

If you want true “Burb” try Wayzata West of TC or Maple Grove NW of TC. or Woodbury East of St. Paul, Eden Praire Soutwest of TC.

Closer in burbs “Plymouth, Edina, Roseville, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park”

Area down the Light Rail Track between down town MPLS and Mall of America is being redeveloped and you may want to check out some bargins there. South Mpls around Linden Hills is nice.

In St. Paul area – Grand or Summit especially the closer you get to the Capitol or the other way toward the river are nice. You are near several private Universities there.

In any event there is always something going on so I’m sure where you pick will be fine. I’ve attached a link to the Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine to give you a sense of food, living, arts etc that you might find usefull.

Welcome to MN.

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