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Q&A: What are some topics on legalizing marijuana that i can write about?

by tom44 on September 20, 2013

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Question by John: What are some topics on legalizing marijuana that i can write about?
Im doing a synthesis essay and its about legalizing marijuana in California.
The best strong points i have thought about are about the legalizing of it for recreational use in Colorado and Washington.
What else can i include? Like what are some pro ideas i can write about to make my essay strong and convincing?

Best answer:

Answer by Trichrome
The fact that crime will plummet and so will the debt

it doesn’t kill anyone

All the old people will need to die first, they just don’t understand

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What are some topics on legalizing marijuana that i can write about?

  1. ye_river_xiv says:

    You could mention the medical research benefits.

    You could discuss the number of “criminals” who would no longer have to be sent to prison; how much money would that save? How much more space could we use for violent criminals. How many more people could easily get regular jobs without a criminal record. How many “Criminal marijuana addicts” could now seek legal treatment for their problems.

    You could discuss the reduction in associated crimes: How much weed would no longer be smuggled in without regulating it for invasive pests and diseases. How much less money would mexican drug cartels make. How many border patrol agents could go back to stopping illegal immigrants. How much of the national forest would no longer be used to illegally grow pot. How many rangers and fire fighters would no longer be needed to bust pot farms, burn crops, etc. How many cars would not get broken into for drug money, etc.

    You could discuss the economic issues: How much tax money could the government make on marijuana sales. How much more money could fast food restaurants make with more people having munchies. How many drug rehab clinics could open to deal with people who have recognizable problems with legal substances. How much less would people pay to treat lung cancer and liver disease if they had a legal drug other than cigarettes and alcohol.

  2. Martin says:

    If the government decided to legalize marijuana it would follow the same guidelines as alcohol does. I think the only reason that pot hasn’t been legalized is that it is difficult to maintain a tax hold on it. It’s easy to grow and distribute privately, so taxing it would be difficult.

    Here are the conditions I think they would be subjected to:

    – Age of purchase and use (19-21 depending on your local age of consumption for alcohol and tobacco).
    – You wouldn’t be able to use and drive, period.
    – Growing/ distributing would be illegal and subject to fines and jail time.
    – Taxes would be associated with it, and it would probably be sold ONLY in specialty stores.

    Other regulations would be in place as they are with tobacco.

    But it’s not as controllable as other substances, which is the only reason I think that it is still illegal. You can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs as it stands, so that wouldn’t change. Just my opinion.

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