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Q&A: What are some jobs that you travel alot?

by tom44 on November 29, 2012

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Question by Jennifer: What are some jobs that you travel alot?
I want to travel the world but every jobs I think of seems to tie a person down. I am about to graduate highschool but before I go off to college I want to just get that job and travel.

Best answer:

Answer by Andy N
Cruse ships
Air hostess

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9 thoughts on “Q&A: What are some jobs that you travel alot?

  1. DAVID P says:

    Bus driver.

  2. quinthais says:

    try flight attendant

  3. fallen2 says:

    Film or Video or TVC Production, Journalist

  4. pedro25602003 says:

    Teach English

  5. bynr says:

    overseas Architect….

  6. says:

    coffee barista

  7. theclitblower says:

    the best work to travel is timeshare, i am in madeira, and on my way to crete, in 3 days,. been doing it for 8 years, it is a good life, been all over and seen nice things. x. email me and wil put you on the wright track, and foot in the dooe, take care . x

  8. texaswebscout says:

    Work for an airline, because you are just getting out of high school I would assume that you are not 21. Most airlines in the US require you be 21+ to be a flight attendant because you will be serving alcohol. You can work for an airline in customer service doing jobs including check in, ticketing and boarding. It is hard job and depending on whether you are in a smaller station or a hub it can make you go crazy. But it is so worth it to be able to get on a flight for free or for very cheap and just go were and when you want to go. Most people that work for an airline have stories about the places they have traveled to.
    Depending on what and were you want to fly, you might want to consider US Airways. Las Vegas, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, are all large stations for them. The pay starts at lower then some of the other airlines but they allow all there employees to fly for free unlimited and they fly to over 200 destinations. They have strong bases in the northeast and west.
    Most airlines also have agreements with other airlines to allow there employees to fly on each other for a small fee.
    Other airlines to consider are Southwest, but they don’t fly to nearly as many places but they pay more (just a little) also Jet Blue they have a strong base in New York, Boston, and Long Beach (Los Angeles) but no were else.

  9. minijumbofly says:

    Wow, the list is about a mile long. But I’ll list just a few for starters.

    For non stop actions, the following.
    All work aboard airplanes, ships, and railroads.
    Truck and bus drivers.
    Travel magazine writers and photographers.
    Purchasing, sales and marketing especially for cosmetic products, fashion, alcohol and tobacco.
    News reporters and film crews.
    Sports teams workers and professional golf caddies.

    For systematic relocations.
    Military. FBI, CIA or simular goverment agencies.
    Oil industries
    Banking and finance.

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