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Q&A: What are some good surrounding towns around Albany, NY to live?

by tom44 on July 25, 2013

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Question by wendy: What are some good surrounding towns around Albany, NY to live?
I am moving to Albany, NY soon for my husband’s job. We have 2 kids. I wanted to know if there was anyone from that area that could give me some tips of good areas to live and raise a family. His job is in Colonie, NY outside of Albany and we would like to live in a suburb of Albany with a good school district because my daughter will be starting school next year. We don’t want to live in the city. Thanks=)

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Answer by Luna…needs a last name
Ballston Spa, Malta, Saratoga, Burnt Hills. I live here in Upstate New York and These towns are very close the Albany and pro-family (I have two younger brothers myself). Ballston Spa has an excellent school district. I wouldn’t suggest Saratoga though because you said you wanted to be away from teh city and plus there is…a reputation of their schools and areas.

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