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Q&A: What are some good jobs as a security in los angeles?

by tom44 on November 30, 2012

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Question by Mist: What are some good jobs as a security in los angeles?
I want to get a job as a security in the los angeles area. Any companies or places to apply at and where do i get my security guard card?

Best answer:

Answer by KT
You can get a guard card online at Or try looking up a training facility online. There should be plenty in the Los Angeles area. Then find a live scan facility and get fingerprinted. Then you submit your application to the state to get certified. It take baout a month but if your background clears, you will be issued a guard card. Then you can start looking. Again, there probably is plenty of jobs so check craigslist or indeed. Or go to shopping malls, hospitals, or other public establishments and ask. Try night clubs or downtown office buildings.

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One thought on “Q&A: What are some good jobs as a security in los angeles?

  1. Tommy Kas says:

    There are numerous companies where you can get this done.

    Are you looking for unarmed or armed security guard card? There is a difference in the two



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