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Q&A: What are some entry-jobs in optometry (details inside)?

by tom44 on July 14, 2013

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Question by Enthusiastic: What are some entry-jobs in optometry (details inside)?
I am a junior in college and I work full-time. I would go broke this year even with my parents help. I am also a foreigner and I do not drive. I am curious to know about optometry because lots of Asians do it like me but not so popular. I also like filing documents but looking for new careers. I live near Los Angeles but would like to work in Ventura County.

BQ2: What are the hardest parts of becoming an optometry assistant?

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Answer by katie G
You could be a Patient Care Tech. Fill out paperwork, bring patients to their rooms, look over their charts, dilate their eyes, take photos of their eyes, restock contacts and glasses. Lots of things like that. What is your major? It might to have a background in something like biology and express an interest in the medical field. Do you have any experience in any sort of medical setting? That would help you get the job.

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