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Q&A: What are reasons to vote for Obama or Romney?

by tom44 on May 8, 2013

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Question by Daughter of Athena: What are reasons to vote for Obama or Romney?
this will be my first year voting and i know a little bit about both but i would love to hear other peoples opinions on these candidates. any information or thoughts would be very helpful.

Best answer:

Answer by Red Fluffy Panda
1 Reason to vote for Obama: He’s not a Republican

1 Reason to vote for Romney: He’s not a Democrat

2 Reasons to vote for anyone else: They aren’t Republicans or Democrats.

This will be my first time voting too (for a president, anyway)! It’s going to be fun.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: What are reasons to vote for Obama or Romney?

  1. Timpala says:

    After you hear everyone in the world give you their opinion on these two, then read about Ron Paul. Then you will realize that neither Obama or Romney should be president.

  2. Mo Money says:

    Here are reasons not to vote for Romney:

    1. Mitt Romney is a liar. You should have watched Romney give his speech at the RNC (Republican National Convention) on TV. I watched it on MSNBC and after Romney’s speech, the commentators called out every lie he told and explained the truth about those lies.

    2. At the RNC, Mitt Romney accused President Obama of raising taxes on the middle class. Obama did not raise taxes on those who are in the middle class, he lowered there taxes. Mitt Romney accused Obama of stealing $ 716 billion from Medicare. That money was used to strengthen Medicare.

    3. Mitt Romney wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood and other programs that are very helpful to the people in middle class.

    4. Mitt Romney wants to Medicare turned into a voucher. If that happens, seniors will have to pay over $ 6,000 a year for their medicals. Without Medicare, people won’t be able to afford to pay for any operations needed to save their lives or the lives of their children unless those people are millionaires or billionaires.

    5. Romney doesn’t keep his promises. When he was governor of MA, he promised to create jobs but instead he took jobs from the people on MA and sent them to other countries. He promised to lower taxes for the middle class but he raised their taxes and the rich got their taxes lowered including Romney’s himself. You don’t think he will do to entire USA what he did to MA?

    6. If Romney becomes president, the women in this country will lose their rights to make their own medical decisions. They would also lose access to birth control and wouldn’t be able to get abortions. If a woman gets raped and her rapist left her pregnant, she would be forced to give birth to their rapist baby. Every time the mother would look at the baby, she would think of the man who raped her. Women would also stop being payed equally to man.

    7. Sometime earlier, Romney said he thinks college should be affordable to those who can afford it. Those who are in the middle class would not be able to go right after school because of Pell Grants. But thanks to President Obama, those in the middle class can go right after school. I’m currently attending the Career Technical Institute and I didn’t pay much thanks to President Obama.

    8. “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” were Romney’s words. Romney was willing to let Detroit go bankrupt. Ford, GM, and Chrysler would have gone out of business If Romney was president at the time he said that. But president Obama was not going to let that happen. Obama did everything possible to stop those companies from going bankrupt and they are America’s top brand.

    9. President Obama promised to end the war and it’s over. Bin Laden is dead now and our troops are back home.

    10. Mitt Romney is not trustworthy. He would take jobs from Americans and send them overseas. He would lower the rich’s taxes and raise the middle class’. He keeps saying he can make the economy better but he won’t tell us how. How are we suppose to trust a guy like Romney to be a good president?

    I’m voting for Obama because he supports his country. He didn’t raise the middle class’ taxes and lowered the rich’s. He didn’t take jobs from Americans and send them overseas to other countries. He made both college and healthcare affordable for everyone. Our American automotive industry is back on it’s feet and doing great now.

    In the source box is a link to a journalist’s YouTube channel. Just look up all the videos on Romney and Obama.

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