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Q&A: What are good about living in Sacramento?

by tom44 on June 23, 2013

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Question by TopGun: What are good about living in Sacramento?
Since it is in the shadows of LA, SF, SD, many out of state people even don’t know the name.

Local residents what do you like Sacramento except low living cost?

Best answer:

Answer by Lisa B
I like the rivers (Sacramento, American and Cosumnes) and the associated wildlife and recreation. Sacramento is very historic if you take the trouble to learn about it. The old Victorians have their own history, as does the Capitol and Old Sacramento. The story of how the California Supreme court fled from Sacramento (they considered it a hick town) to San Francisco is pretty interesting.
You can learn all about Sutter’s fort and Sutter’s Mill (where gold was first discovered). People sometimes say (in a nasty way) that the best part of Sacramento is all the places you can go from there; actually, it is one of the best parts, and not just in the sense those people mean. Sacramento is a great place to start really fun day or weekend trips. We often go to the mountains overnight in the summer, and we used to ski and snowshoe in the winter when we were younger. You can do a nice day of inspecting the gold rush towns or go caving, or visit Calaveras Big Trees (redwoods) or raft a river.

Sacramento is a comfortable and interesting town for people who don’t really like big cities. (I’m one of those.) It has a decent airport (new terminal being built now), a railroad terminal to go places by train, enough shopping to satisfy most people, and the main part of town is not dangerous (the area has dangerous parts, but you don’t have to go there).

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: What are good about living in Sacramento?

  1. Jordan says:

    the fields of marijuana that grow in the hills

  2. Maxx Hoopla says:

    You can find good English teachers there.

  3. Stephan M says:

    There is a reason why there in the shadow of those City’s. The only good thing is its location a 2 hour drive and you are in the mountains or the coast and that’s it. All that talk about history is not true its like the Alamo symbolic but not interesting. Before you go for that historical answer I go with the answer with the weed fields, that is more authentic.

  4. Char says:

    I’ve lived here my whole life. It is nice in the sense that, true, there are many interesting places only a short drive, and you always get to come home to your nice comfortable, suburbia town. Sacramento is a pretty big place. There is a decent selection of shopping, 3 malls within 20 minutes from me and countless shopping centers. There’s diversity and culture, and you can live here your entire life and still not know all the things to do. There’s a good underground music scene in almost every genre, lots of bars and venues for live mics..comedy clubs..list goes on.. And the river is really nice, too. There are so many river access points it’s ridiculous. During the summer, it’s great. Swimming, rafting, kayaking, fishing.. and if you get lucky you find one of the rope swings someone has made. 🙂

    It’s not like S.F, tall buildings and bum piss and trash littered across the ground (but we do have our fair share of homeless 🙂 ) but it’s a big enough city to where you have the option to enjoy a crowd, or have privacy. It was really fun for me growing up because I’d hop the bus and ride all across the city.. I could get anywhere! I had a lot of adventures, I’m proud this is my home town and it’ll always have a soft spot in my heart. If you say Sacramento is boring, then you’re just lazy. There’s always something going on and always something to do. But low cost of living? Not really..and it’s hard to find a job right now.

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