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Q&A: washington state. sister has brain tumor. no job. how to get medical care?

by tom44 on January 29, 2014

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Question by Alea S: washington state. sister has brain tumor. no job. how to get medical care?
my sister has a brain tumor. no job. no money. how does she get medical care. husband has job but only insurance for himself. they were out of work a year before he got a job in january. how does the social systemwork there. i live in europe where there is universal health care. desperate for info. thanx for any help you can give.

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Answer by calligraphy1019
regarding sister w/brain cancer w/o insurance. locate the very best medical teaching hospital in washington state. explain the insurance/financial situation to their financial dept. some billing can be based upon the person’s ability to pay at some hospitals but i’ve no idea what it is in washington state. one hospital that does treat cancer patients, regularly advertises on tv that they do so on the person’s ability to pay. cancer centers of america is the name of that organization and they always advertise that they have the greatest survival rate when it comes to cancer treatment. it’s in this person’s best interest that they go to the very best place they can go to for this treatment. it’s possible that the american cancer society would help you deal with this. does the woman with cancer have any relatives or friends in ohio, near columbus? the james cancer clinic there is on the cutting edge of cancer treatment. the neuro/surgeons at that university are also the best of the best.

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