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Q&A: Wanting a new CNA job?

by tom44 on August 8, 2012

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Question by Steph: Wanting a new CNA job?
So im doing my pre-reqs for the nursing program in maryland. I dont want to get into too much detail since im not trying to have ne stalkers but i work at a hospital making around 11$ i do get tuition reimbursement. But im very tired of working at this hospital due to staffing issues and policies and procedures i just want to come in and do my job not have to deal with other B.S that has nothing to do with how i care for people. Ive never asked for a raise from any of my previous jobs until about 4-5 months ago yet i doubt they are giving me a raise yet im the best at what i do due to the fact i do it with “”heart”” caring ect ect so im looking around i said i’d never work at a nursing home again yet i was young and inexperienced and let people walk all over me but….i think i could talk with some of tthesesnursing homes and possibly make more $ $ . im aiming to make 17? too much??

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Answer by .A.
You will never make $ 17/hr at a nursing home. The highest hourly pay that I’ve heard of was $ 16/hr but the guy was working at this facility as a CNA for 15 years. I make $ 10.20/hr, $ 15.30/hr overtime and no shift differentials. No one will hire you if you ask for $ 17/hr even if you’ve worked at a hospital. Some LPN’s don’t even make $ 20/hr and they do the same job as RN’s.
If I were you, I would stay at the hospital. Trust me, nursing homes can be hell. Some personal examples:
– Too many call-off. Try taking care of 17-20 residents and shower them ALL in 3 hours
– Constant accidents. These people don’t weight 50 lbs. Some weigh 250 lbs. Accidents happen all the time. You get reported a lot (my last report involved me taking off band-aid that peeled some of the resident’s skin and I was reported for that even though I was not the one who put the band-aid that was too strong for that person’s sensitive skin)
– Coworkers are mean. No one helps you.
– Management will breath on your neck.
– Families are extremely demanding. I cried too many times because of them.
Not many people last and some even quit in the middle of their shift.

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