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Q&A: Uncomfortable in my own skin?

by tom44 on March 18, 2014

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Question by ..: Uncomfortable in my own skin?
wtf is wrong with me? I’m constantly – on edge, moody and wishing i wasn’t me, i want to be someone else? I have no friends, no job, and no past times. The interests i have is cars but haven’t got the money to buy one – i would like to restore an old car but money and lack skills holds me back. I’m lonely, i wish…no, i really really really wish i had a girlfriend – something to wake up for everyday a look forward to seeing, i don’t think this will solve everything but im so tired of feeling alone. I’m nervous in public (uncomfortable in my own skin) I’m awkward constantly feel like I’m being judged negatively. I feel so empty, useless, stuck. I had this before and i was ok for 3/4 months after years of feeling like this but now it’s unbearable it’s worse than ever almost to the point were death would bring peace

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Answer by Jermy
If you don’t mind I can ask my girlfriend if she thinks you look fine and the girl type send me a pic to (
No dirty please just a reg photo so my gf can see

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Uncomfortable in my own skin?

  1. Bruno Galeano says:

    skip town to portland oregon. get a medical marijuana card. get high. start your new life in a new place. baddabingbaddaboom. lives fixed.

  2. Tamey says:

    Go to a mental health clinic and talk to someone, you may need some medication’s or activities that you can do that involve other people. If you don’t like that kind of thing maybe you can take a class at the local community college. They have programs to help underprivileged people you need to see someone in the financial aid office for that. Gym’s have workout classes, maybe there is an anxiety anonymous class somewhere. ?? You should consider seeing a professional.

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