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Q&A: trigger job competition vs carry?

by tom44 on April 3, 2014

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Question by ntg: trigger job competition vs carry?
I have an M&P 9 that I bought in MA. It has a long pull, and it also requires alot of pressure as well. A local guy offers two types of trigger jobs. One is $ 70 dollars for “carry”. The other is $ 100 for “competition”. I assume that the carry will take care of the travel or the pull, but not both. The competition probably takes care of both things. I’ve been leaning towards the competition one, because I will generally use this gun at the range. (I have a revolver for home defense.) While I think I’ll go with the competition, I thought I’d get input from any regulars here.

Also, does anyone know if this trigger job might make the trigger perform a lot like my MKIII Target?
Yes, I will only be using this gun at the range for the foreseeable future. I rarely carry, and when I do, I carry a DAO revolver as well. I do think that my M&P has a thumb safety, which may also be a MA thing. I’ll check it later, but I’m pretty sure it does.

Glock Doctor-do you believe that because they are usually carry guns, or is there another reason why you think these guns shouldn’t have these triggers?
Thanks for the additional info, tho some of it was over my head. My problem with this weapon is that I can’t shoot it the way I was taught to shoot. In order to squeeze the trigger without jerking it, I have to put more of my finger into the trigger guard, which I’ve also been taught is wrong. And then the travel seems to take forever. I understand this is even called the “Massachusetts trigger”, something special for this stupid state. I’ve used four different revolvers in double action mode, two of them brand new, and none of them felt like this. Anyway, since I won’t be carrying it, I’ll do the competition, but I will make sure he doesn’t go too light on it. I’ll ask about the pounds of pressure he plans on bringing it to.

Best answer:

Answer by footbaaal 4life
Useing the M400444304 is a good choice. It’s trigger is one that kick backs when shot. And it also has a lot of creative features.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: trigger job competition vs carry?

  1. Bro John says:

    If the trigger is anything like the Sigma- then its poor. If so- I would go for it. The only caution I can think of is safety. If you can holster it and handle it without firing it- then okay. I know people don’t want to believe this- but a lot of folks have shot themselves in the leg attempting to holster a Glock, probably other guns too. I don’t think the M&P has a thumb safety-which would come in handy in that situation.

    edit: Yes, if a range gun-I would go for the competition trigger.

  2. Glock Doctor says:

    A, ‘competition trigger’ usually implies a light, fast trigger let-off. This is something I, personally, don’t believe belongs on any polymer frame handgun.

    The answer to your second question is, ‘No’. Generally speaking, with the possible exception of H&K’s, ‘LEM’ trigger, (and a few others) the triggers on steel frame handguns are entirely different from those on polymer frames.

    I’m sure you’ve already figured out that, ‘competition’ means, ‘lighter, faster, and less safe’. Bro John is correct; and this curious fact is rarely admitted to on gun forums – Especially if the gun forum’s name includes the word, ‘Glock’. 😉

    ADDED: Two reasons: One is because it’s a carry gun; and, ‘competition triggers’ don’t belong on carry guns; and, two, is because I’ve seen way too many ND’s which are usually caused by handling mistakes or just plain carelessness.

    Over the years I’ve slowly formed the opinion that, ‘fast light triggers’ have a place on rifles; but, never on a pistol – Not even a dedicated target pistol. Personally I won’t go below 2.5#’s on any handgun; and consider 3#’s to be as low as 99% of all pistols should ever go.

    Competing with odd ball equipment has never made very much sense to me. If you want to compete then keep it in the real world, and compete with what you actually use. I’ve only owned one specialized target pistol in my entire life: a Smith & Wesson Model 41. (Which I went and used for home defense, anyway.) 😀

    My own EDC pistols are both Glocks. (45 ACP and 9mm) The triggers are extremely smooth and have stops. For a Glock, the lock times are fast. (Other Glock gunmen drool when they handle them.) The trigger pulls, however, are deliberately all over 4.5#’s.

  3. MJ says:

    The MA trigger on an M&P is going to feel much like a Sigma’s trigger pull. Not good, heavy!

    I’d go with the “carry” trigger job. It will be a huge improvement, without going into “hair-trigger” territory.

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