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Q&A: Thinking about moving to Seattle, WA.?

by tom44 on May 8, 2014

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Question by sjaimes10: Thinking about moving to Seattle, WA.?
I live in Riverside, CA right know. I was born here and never really been out of state. What’s the life like out there? What is there to do? How is the job life? Should I move?

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Answer by Connor
life is great in seattle. Although i do not recommend it if you don’t like Asians because there are a lot of them here everywhere

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Thinking about moving to Seattle, WA.?

  1. poppy004 says:

    it’s busy in seattle. live about 45 minutes away. but seattle is so big that there are a lot of different cool things to do. lots of attractions and museums and what not. space needle, etc… most of the larger industries i think are closer to seattle but if you’re looking for something other than that, there’s plenty of opportunity as well.

    to me it seems like a whole different atmosphere than many things i’m used to. there are some more run down places in seattle as well as nice elaborate parts because it is so big.

    don’t really know if you should take the advice of a 16 year old to move out here cuz i don’t know your current life…

    but there’s almost always something to do here.

  2. pattycake says:

    It rains A LOT so like the rain. when I was there the job market stank, but it may have changed. Look online for the classifieds for Seattle and check out the jobs.
    Much to do in the city and you can take the ferries out to the Islands.

    I had problems with the people in Seattle and I’m not alone many have complained they aren’t very friendly, but if you are outgoing you will find people that you will like. Maybe because Washington isn’t fond of Californians. They hated when we all moved up there and bought up the cheap housing. Said we Californicated Washington, BUT the folks on Whidbey Island are great!

  3. jesser says:

    going along with what the person before me posted in reply… i’ve heard the same – that a lot of californians find people up here in washington to be very unfriendly. i’ve lived in washington my whole life and i’ve never really noticed it, but even my boss who moved up here to retire (but she came out of retirement) and lived in california her whole life before that has said the same thing when i asked her if she liked it up here: “the people up here are so rude and they’re just not friendly at all”.

    see i find it to be opposite, whenever i’ve visited california i feel like people there are so busy, in a rush and kind of snobby/stuck up. haha.

    but in general i’d say seattle is probably a lot different than riverside. for one, the weather is totally different. be prepared to get only 1 or 2 weeks of real “summer” weather where you can actually wear shorts and tank tops. if you like the outdoors it is a good place. as far as jobs ggo, as a recent college grad i think the market sucks. i can’t find a job for the life of me. seattle is very up and up on technology so if you have skills/degree in computer or technology stuff you’ll have an easier time… or anything in the medical field. there are a ton of hospitals in the area that are always hiring. good luck!

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