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Q&A: Teaching Jobs, Portland, OR?

by tom44 on May 24, 2014

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Question by elchaffinch: Teaching Jobs, Portland, OR?
I have seen a couple of different answers, but they both seem to be clearly negative. I currently have a Social Science teaching credential in California (I know Oregon doesn’t need anymore of us) where the job market is horrible. I have been looking for a year and most likely will be looking for about another 1 to 2 years to get a full time teaching job.

Is it that bad in Oregon? I’ve heard conflicting advice. I also have heard that it is easy to transfer a CA credential, true/false?

Best answer:

Answer by Car Cats 4ever
It’s not that bad in OR! They might have been trying to freak you out. Transfering a CA credential is easy: True. There are lots of great schools and good opportunities for teachers in Portland, OR. You should check around, maybe Google it, but if you’re looking for private schools Catlin Gabel School is always a good choice. As for public schools, they’re plentiful, so I’m sure finding one to teach at won’t be too hard.

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