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Q&A: Someone from Boston please!!!!?

by tom44 on May 16, 2014

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Question by Mercedes: Someone from Boston please!!!!?
Me and my husband are moving to Boston. We are from Venezuela and here we use cars for everything. I was wondering if we’ll need a car there. We are going to live in Back Bay and our jobs are close so we can take the subway, but we like to take our son to trips on weekends and we’ll need a car for that. What do you recommend?? It would be a little weird for me, were would i put all my groceries to take them home or the baby stuff??? Appreciate your help!!!!!

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Answer by Këëlly
Hello dear how are you? You can use cars but love! But beware of the dangers, and Good Luck in your beautiful and happy trip, thank you and I hope I have helped!

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Someone from Boston please!!!!?

  1. Châteauguay says:

    You do not need a car (which is very expensive in Boston). There is a company called Zipcar that you can join. When you need a car you call Zipcar and they will reserve one for you to pick up. To learn more check out Zipcar’s website.

  2. Punk Rock and Minerals says:

    for staying in the city, you do not need a car at all, in fact it will more of a nuisance than anything
    driving in Boston is stressful and difficult. Drivers are extremely aggressive and so are pedestrians. It is easy to get lost in the city too, as parts of the city were planned by drunken cows (really!)

    however, since you plan on going out of the city often, then you will need a car, but only for that

    and if you think the driving is bad here, I should point out that the weather is even worse

  3. Vergina says:

    No, you don’t need a car but it’s nice to have one when you want to take a longer trip. Most of Boston is accessible by the T (as locals call the subway)
    If you plan to take many trips a car lease is an option. If you plan infrequent trips a rental is just fine
    Welcome to my city!

  4. Whatever4 says:

    I live in Boston and don’t own a car. Parking in the Back Bay will cost you $ 250-$ 300 per month. There is very little street parking at all. If you rarely use your car, street parking makes no sense as there are street cleaning and snow removal rules that make you move your car frequently.

    Many people in the Back Bay and other downtown neighborhoods don’t have cars. Here’s what we do:
    Groceries: Order online and delivers to your door. Fantastic fruits and vegetables can be delivered weekly from Walk to the Shaw’s at Prudential, load up and take a cab back or shop every day or so. Take the T(Subway) to Symphony and go to Whole Foods, cab back. Join, rent a zip car for a few hours and go out to a suburban grocery store with a better selection.

    Weekends: rent a car for the weekend. Take the train to various towns like Portland ME, Portsmouth NH, New York City, Salem MA, etc. Take the ferry to Provincetown on Cape Cod.

    You save a huge amount by not owning a car. No car registration, no parking fees, no car payments, insurance must be better (but I don’t drive, so that’s an assumption). I don’t think there’s even a gas station in the Back Bay. (There are a few in the Fenway neighborhood.)

    I don’t have kids, but I see quite a variety of baby gear on the streets. People go jogging with kids as old as 3-4 in the 3-wheeled joggers. I see plenty of upscale strollers with parcel carriers. Just get a sitter for Back Bay restaurants. No small children welcome there.

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