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Q&A: Single female moving to Boston; Working in Longwood Medical Area, Where should I live?

by tom44 on September 2, 2012

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Question by : Single female moving to Boston; Working in Longwood Medical Area, Where should I live?
I am 28 years old and planning on moving to Boston if I can land this job. I like sports bars, clubs, nightlife, etc. I would love to be able to walk/bus/train to work as well to bars/restaurants and cool stuff. I would like a safe area but something that isn’t too pricey. Any ideas? Also, is the bus safe there?

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Answer by MagnusMoss
Can’t think of anything that isn’t too pricey in that area.

Brookline is walkable and near your work. Also near lots of bars.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Single female moving to Boston; Working in Longwood Medical Area, Where should I live?

  1. Ch√Ęteauguay says:

    There are no areas in Boston that are not pricey. Other than that the Longwood Medical area is surrounded by residential areas that have what you are looking for, especially the Kenmore/Fenway/Boylston Street area and the Coolidge Corner/Beacon Street area. The Mission Hill/Huntington Avenue area to a lesser extent.

  2. Whatever4 says:

    Try the Fenway/Kenmore area (first choice), Brookline Village, or Jamaica Plain. (Avoid Roxbury, Mission Hill is iffy.)You can get to LMA very easily by bus, including some free buses like the LMA Shuttle, from several neighborhoods. Don’t bother with a car. Parking is ridiculously expensive if you can even find a place. Transit, cabs, Hubway (bikes) and ZipCar rentals don’t even come close to the cost of keeping car. (I live in the Fenway neighborhood and don’t own a car.)

    Plenty of sports bars around Fenway Park. Plenty of nightlife as the area is dominated by students and under-30 professionals. Several fantastic parks (Riverway, Fens, Charles River Reservation). Generally safe as long as you aren’t stupid — i.e., don’t go jogging alone at 2AM with headphones, don’t insult sports fans in bars, etc.

  3. deborah g says:

    You could live there buts its a huge college area so there are younger peoplpe everywhere…and it can be a little obnoxious. I lived in mission hill (near Longwood) and it was fun in my early 20’s but I wouldn’t live there now.

    The bus is safe and you can get a decent deal if you’re willing to have roommates. Also, you don’t really need to take the bus….it’s right on the trolley line (green line) and that runs pretty late.

    You can email me if you want! I’m 29 and live outside of Boston…I commute to Boston for work.

  4. Mike R says:

    As far as neighborhoods within walking distance – Brookline is probably your best option. It’s expensive, however. Brighton is also close by and although it’s a longer walk, it’s possible depending on where in Brighton you are (and public transportation is also possible from Brighton). It’s a bit more affordable than Brookline and is still right near Brookline’s restaurants, bars, etc. as well as Allston and some of Brighton’s own neighborhood places.

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