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Q&A: Should I accept job offer?

by tom44 on May 25, 2014

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Question by needhelpnow!: Should I accept job offer?
I currently work for a health insurance company in Philadelphia, PA (we’ll label that Job A). I recently got a job offer at MTV in NY (we’ll label that Job B). I’m wondering if it’s worth accepting given the pros and cons list provided below.

***** Job A *****
+ working there for 1.5 years
+ co-workers are great
+ current management is relaxed and very flexible
+ on-site gym is a nice perk
+ benefits aren’t bad. typical medical, dental, vision, 10 paid holidays (depending on year)
+ 7.5 hr per day (37.5 hr per week) instead of the typical 8 hr per day (40 hr per week). my typical day is from 9 AM – 5 PM, with a 30 min lunch break.
+ 135 total hrs to be used for either personal, vacation and sick days, which breaks down to 18 days. we’re also allowed to carry over up to 37.5 hrs (5 days) of unused time.
+ we are allowed to “buy” an extra 5 days of vacation, which is essentially unpaid time off. we can “return” any unused days back to the company and get our money back.
~ taking Septa bus is cheap, but takes anywhere from 30 – 50 minute commute one way due to traffic and various bus stops
~ although the work isn’t too boring due to various projects, i would like to work in a different industry.
– company is unstable due to economy, healthcare reform and a pretty huge business venture that failed. as a result, there has been constant internal reorganization, layoffs, employees leaving for other jobs and employees taking early retirement packages. There is supposedly another round of layoffs this coming June.
– as a result of above, company’s profit margins are very slim. there were no salary increases and only a 1% bonus given regardless of positive or negative performance review.
– as a result of stability concerns, work environment isn’t the greatest and employee morale is low
– tuition reimbursement went from unlimited annually to $ 3000 annually. 🙁

***** Job B *****
+ MTV! lol. for me, it’s an industry change from healthcare to media, which i think i would enjoy.
+ no official dress code; most employees wear jeans, sneakers and t-shirts to work everyday unless you have a meeting w/ clients, upper management, etc
+ typical medical, dental and vision packages, 10 paid holidays
+ every other Friday off in summer from Memorial Day through Labor Day
+ 10 vacation days, 4 personal days and 10 sick days = 24 days off per year. allowed to carryover half of any unused time as long as it does not exceed 10 days.
+ annual 5% bonus target (depending on own performance and company performance). same applies for salary increases
+ the team and the bosses (i met with directors, VP and SVP) seemed very relaxed and easy-going.
+ compared to Job A, tuition reimbursement is $ 10,000 annually
~ salary isn’t exactly what i was looking for, especially for a position in NY and is only a couple thousand more than what i currently make.
~ compared to my current job, core hours are from 9:30 AM – 6:30 PM (8 hour work, 1 hour lunch), but can leave early if work is completed and/or if lunch isn’t taken away from desk
– TRAVEL!! if i commute from Philly, i’m looking at a 2.5 hours one way (1/2 hour to get to bus station, 1.5 – 2 hours for bus ride to NY). so i’m looking at 5 hours spent each day on commuting. i am looking into possibly renting a studio to stay a couple nights of the week. so a typical day would be me leaving home by 6:30, catch a bus or train around 7 – 7:30 AM, get to NY by 9 – 9:30. then assuming i leave offices at 6:30, catch bus/train at 7 PM, back in philly by 9 PM and home around 9:30 PM. repeat for remaining days of the week.
– i have a 1 year old daughter and traveling or staying in a studio in NY will result in loss of family time. to comprimise, i could stay in NY mon-thurs. the only time i would travel is monday morning, thursday night back to Philly and Friday back to and from work.
– the difference in salary and then some will go right back into traveling and/or rent in NY.
– no relocation reimbursement

both jobs are pretty similar, the biggest difference is a title change. i was a consultant before traveling to various cities, but that was only traveling at the beginning and the end of the week with all expenses paid.

i really would like to accept as i want a change in industry, which will open doors to other opportunities outside of healthcare. but i also don’t know how long i’ll last if i have to travel everday. the team and upper management really liked me, but can’t negotiate a higher salary or other benefits due to budget constraints. if i decline, they’ll go with a back up candidate.

what are your thoughts and suggestions? if you need any additional details, let me know.

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Answer by a0a094
For me 5 hours commuting is way too much time and (for me) it would be exhausting. You may regret missing that time with your daughter. You have done the right thing by thinking this out, but of course the ultimate decision is yours.

Best wishes and good luck!

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One thought on “Q&A: Should I accept job offer?

  1. Jordan says:

    I prefer the sound of Job A but I’d be concerned about the stability issue since you don’t want to be out of a job. Honestly, you would know best where you stand in terms of how much your company values you. The commute for Job B is far from attractive. Getting up to take care of the baby then rushing to be in NY can be difficult. Family time is important. I would take Job B in NY only if it’s a significant boost in salary. Rent in NY is expensive so maintaining 2 apartments might be difficult. I think it’s a tough decision. What do you think about relocating to NY? Is there a spouse/boyfriend in the picture? If they can also relocate, then maybe I would do that & pay rent for just 1 place. You could live in a nice family neighborhood in Brooklyn (even a studio would be ok). So bottom line: I’d take Job B if you truly think you might be at risk of losing your current job.

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