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Q&A: Salary medical assistant and massage therapy?

by tom44 on August 20, 2012

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Question by : Salary medical assistant and massage therapy?
Hello! Can anyone tell me what is the average salary of medical assistant in Miami (FL) and the one for Massage therapists also in Florida? I need to decide which career starting.
I take any advices about the job descriptions of those 2 fields and suggestions of schools in Miami.

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Answer by snapper
the dept of labor is a great website

there is also a topic called “occupational outlook” which could be very helpful.

massage therapy usually takes a year. you can work in a salon or spa OR a medical office- physical therapist or chiropractor. it is a fairly difficult course- there is definitely a lot of complex medical stuff.

this is also helpful

now here is my opinion- massage therapy is something that can go either way. chances are, you will not land a coveted job in a medical office without some experience. working in the salon/spa is very pleasant- it always smells good- people are happy- it is peaceful BUT your income will be very unpredictable. working on commission in a “luxury” field such as this can be difficult. there are also very good parts- there is a lot of money in miami and if you have the right personality you can develop your clientele who will be getting their massages no matter what. you can also travel to people’s homes on the side.
medical assisting is going to be a little more dependable. it will also be a hectic/busy job- not much down time at all.

if you like medical stuff and are a hands on person, consider physical therapy assistant.

I went to Miami-Dade CC and it was great. I did nursing but I had many friends at the medical campus in other programs- and everyone was very happy witht the education they got. it is a great deal- it is not expensive- MDCC has some of the highest passing rates on the state exams- it is a reputable school.

Before i went to nsg school i did nails (in miami lakes when it was still nice) and although it was nice and faun- there is a limit on your income. like a massage therapist- you are on commission and do not get benefits like insurance or paid time off.

Good luck and take care. you are def. going in the right direction.
please send me some pastelitos-GOD i miss miami!!

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