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Q&A: Relocating to Sacramento,CA?

by tom44 on June 1, 2014

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Question by cad monkey 208: Relocating to Sacramento,CA?
My wife and I plan on relocating to Sacramento in about a year. I just wanted to know from people with experience how difficult it is going to be adjusting to another city (I am from boise) I am in the architectural field and she is a social worker. The job market seems to be pretty good, what can I expect as far as salaries, housing, culture, etc. I have visited the city a few times and I like the diversity. I have already looked into websites like craiglist, sacbee, careerbuilder etc

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Answer by katie d
get used to a boring city. why anyone would want to live in Sacramento is beyond me. Personally I would go any other place. I am a southern California woman

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11 thoughts on “Q&A: Relocating to Sacramento,CA?

  1. TAHOE REALTOR says:

    I am alumni from CSU Sacramento. I lived their for a few semesters and the rest I commuted (2 Hours and worth it to me to live in a beautiful area as opposed to sac) from South Lake Tahoe. It is definately not a first place I would choose to live and in fact will not ever live their again. But then again I am spoiled. It is tremendously hot in the summer and there is very little to do other than mall shopping (decent malls) and going to a dirty river! I’ve lived in Santa Barbara, Florida, Los Angeles, Seatle and Lake Tahoe. Any of these are better than Sacramento. My friend graduated from Cal Poly with an architectural degree and got a job in New Construction housing in Sacramento. Since that time a few years ago 75% of the staff were laid off after the real estate boom which is now in decline and he commutes to Reno sometimes to help over there. I wish I could talk you out of it, but if you really want to live there try to find some good locations to live. Folsom area and El dorado hills are some nicer areas, but the commute can be a pain during rush hour. Stay away from rancho cordova and west sacramento (just plain $ h!# holes). Not to mention downtown and in the city limits. Some other nicer areas around sac, but it is just another city without a beach, mountains or anything else for that matter. The good thing about it is that it is centrally located about a two hour drive either to San Francisco or Lake Tahoe.

    As for adjusting into a new city, it is difficult for about a year or so, I struggled living in Seatle because of all the rain, but the more involved you are with family, church, work etc., will make the transition easier. It all depends on attitude and making the best of your time. Whatever you choose best of luck to you and your family.

  2. gromit801 says:

    The above posters were abused as children, their parents wouldn’t keep them in Gucci. Forgive them.

    Sacramento has a LOT to do, and if you like outdoors stuff (being from Idaho like you are) you’re going to be in the middle of a lot of it.

    Here’s a website to a great local paper, the Sacramento News and Review:

    Like everywhere, salaries will depend on experience and other variables. The cost of living will be higher than in Boise.

    Theres really a LOT to do in Sac:

    Old Sacramento
    Bike trails
    Laguna del Sol C/O resort
    River rafting
    Art walks
    NBA Kings
    WNBA Monarchs
    AAA Ball Rivercats

    You’re close to skiing, the wine country, the motherload, the A’s, Giants, Warriors, Niners, and Raiders.

    Architecture is great in Sac. Especially in the “Fabulous Fourties” in midtown. The homes on the streets beginning with 40-something.

    Lots of parks, good restaurants, many clubs.

    Some parts of Sac are like a slice of SF.

  3. steven v says:

    I lived in Davis for more than 30 years and moved to Citrus heights a year ago and love it. There are bad areas, stay away from West Sacramento (not part of sac its in another county but close) South Sac/Elk Grove and Natomas are all areas you don’t want to live in. Look at Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin all are good to very good, the more expensive the home the better the area.

    There is a lot to do here, shopping for just about anything, museums, art/train/trucks/air, lots of art galleries, old town, the rivers for boating, water skiing, fishing, zoo, golf. A University and 4 great community colleges plus some pretty decent schools. I feel a sense of community in Cutrus Heights I didnt feel in Davis.

    We are very centrally located, theres great fishing all over and hunting, camping, the Sierras have a lot of places to visit, then theres the coast and not just San Francisco but much more up and down the state. You only a couple of hours to Reno and lake tahoe but you dont even need to go to Nevada if you want to gamble there are Indian Casinos around also. LA is about 6 to 7 hours away also with Disneyland and Knotts, Universal and Magic Mountain, another 1-3 hours to San Diego for even more. There are 2 them parks within a couple of hour also, a Six Flags in Vallejo about an hour away and a Cedar Fair park in Santa Clara, then Santa Cruz has beach/boardwalk so there is not a lack of things to do in California.

    To adjust just get involved, volenteer, church, community, meet people, go out and see things, explore. If you have kids get involved with their school, sign them up for sports and help out, or if not kids do it yourself.

  4. dvcgurl says:

    will it can be exciting if u like folsom outlet or folsom lake or the mall there building a new one itll probuly be done betime u get here and old sac the houses are going down for now etc

  5. calicountrygirl says:

    I love it here! The only other place I’d move is to Tahoe.

    Sac has soo many things to do! You’ll like it here =]

  6. aas_627 says:

    Sacramento is a pretty diverse city, although not as scenic as Tahoe or cultured as San Francisco. Of course its cost of living is WAY less too. There are lots of things to do, both year-round as well as seasonally. The annual Jazz Jubilee (Memorial Day weekend), The Pacific Rim Festival, The State Fair are some of my annual personal favorites. There are lots of farmer’s markets all over town. There are 2 universities (UC Davis and Sac State), that attract many different cultural performers and exhibits from all over the world. There are several museums and parks to visit (see website). Second Saturdays are held on the 2nd Sat every month, highlighting local artists and talents.
    However, the job market- depending on your skills, education, and experience- may or may not be so hot. The same goes for your salary expectations. You may get lucky and be in high demand, or you may not. Start job hunting now. It’s better to relocate for a specific job rather than looking around for one once you get here. Hopefully you’ve already started that process (since you’re checking out CraigsList, SacBee, and CareerBuilder…)
    Stay away from Oak Park, Del Paso Heights, Rancho Cordova, West Sacramento, and downtown areas. Your best and safest bets are in the suburbs: Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom and the like. If money is no option, look into Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, or the Fabulous 40’s (although they are located downtown).

  7. padfoot0220 says:

    I grew up in Sacramento but had to move away about 5 years ago due to a job transfer. Its a great city with lots to do…if you don’t think so all you have to do is drive about an hour to SF.

    Hope you’re ready for a bit of shock as to how much the cost of living is. Its super expensive.

  8. Lisa B says:

    My husband an I have lived in the Sacramento area (first in the city, the last 30 years in a remote rural suburb) since 1971. We are used to the kinds of comments you have gotten from some people who prefer glitter to a solid community with a lot to offer.

    I know people usually make fun of what I’m about to say (“The only way you can love Sacramento is to appreciate what you can do by getting away from it”), but truly the best thing about Sacramento is its location in the center of a wonderful circle of things to do. When we were younger, we used to ski, hike, and run rivers. Now, we spend leisurely weekends on the coast or in the mountains in our 4WD truck with a small cabover camper. We like to spend a weekend in the Napa Valley when spring is earlier there than here. We follow the color of the mountain aspen leaves in a good year. For a pittance, we can fly to L.A. for the day and visit awesome museums. Weekends in Monterey or San Francisco can be great.

    I know a lot of nice communities to live in (and I consider Sacramento one of them), but they mostly require major time and expense to enjoy the kinds of outings you can get for almost nothing from here.

    I don’t think adjusting would be a problem. As the capitol of a major state, Sacramento is full of people coming and going.

    By the way, if you like Japanese food, Sacramento has the best quality and variety in the U.S.

  9. True T says:

    Sacramento might not be as exciting as big epic center cities, but it’s pretty decent.

    Talking about adjusting to another city, try adjusting to another city in another country! I think if the choice is made, everyone will eventually get use to their new home.

    Judging from your expertise, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s the capitol city and there should be plenty of areas in need of someone in the architectural field.

  10. wild4gypsy says:

    Traffic, lots of traffic. If that doesn’t bother you it is okay.
    But, if you have to ask about salary you better do a bit more homework. Housing is also more expensive then where you are.
    No matter where one moves one will have to adjust.

  11. George Y says:

    I have a feeliing you’ll love it here. A few years ago, Time magazine listed Sacramento as the most diverse city in the nation. There was more acceptance and mingling of different groups than in most other cities. I know that my two daughters grew up with friends of every ethnic and economic background. The Asian population is vital here, as is the Hispanic, Portuguese, Russian, and others.,8599,340694,00.html

    As for entertainment, we have the wonder of two rivers flowing through the city, with growing shopping districts throughout the region. Movies? Plenty. Sports? WNBA, NBA, AAA Baseball and more. Most people prefer to become actively involved in recreation, rather than just watch.

    I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area and have grown to love it. Yes, the summer’s can be rough, but unlike many other places, YOU’LL NEVER SHOVEL SNOW!

    There are many different suburbs surrounding a revitalized downtown area.

    I teach school here and have met many families who’ve made the move and have been very satisfied with their decision.

    Hey, look me up and we’ll do lunch!

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