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Q&A: Relocating to Portland, OR…?

by tom44 on September 21, 2012

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Question by Old Gregg: Relocating to Portland, OR…?
I’m thinking of moving to Portland from Oklahoma. What are some of the pros and cons of the place? What is the cost of living? What areas should I try to avoid? Is there a high crime rate? How is the job market (medical) and pay? What are some fun things to do there? Sorry for all the questions, but if you can answer any I’d really appreciate it!

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The cost of living here in Portland is a bit higher than that of Oklahoma. Of course your pay will be higher than that of Oklahoma. Currently the minimum wage right now is $ 7.80. However most of the items here are very affordable, but you might have some sticker shock, but we don’t pay any sale taxes!!
The best part about Portland is that your about 90 mins from the mountains, and the Pacific Ocean and of course some Casinos. 3 Hours from Seattle and about 4-5 hours from Canada.
You can snowboard almost the whole season and go skiing as well. Oregon has alot of ski resorts such as Timberland Lodge and Mt. Bowl. Also there is alot of fun stuff such as hiking and river adventures around the area.
If outdoor fun isn’t your cup of tea than you can try the casino’s such has Spirit Mountain or Chinook Winds near the ocean. Shopping around here is fun as well, downtown boast stores such as Nike town, Nordstorms, Macy’s and they are located centralized in downtown. Also Lloyd center and Washington Square is the major big malls here.
The other best thing about Portland is that the weather is better during the summer, it’s not as muggy.
The worst part about it is that it can rain any given moment sometimes. Sometimes it can rain everyday, few years ago we had something like 35+ days straight.

Transportation isn’t bad. Portland has a MAX system that goes to Hillsboro, Gresham and downtown. Right now there are some new things being built downtown that involve the MAX so it’s a bit messy right now. Traffic can be a nightmare but if your living in downtown than you won’t have to worry about it.

Crime rate isn’t that bad at all, most of the crimes are out in the areas where gangs hang out at.

The Job market is not bad, medicals is growing because there are so many hospitals being built or expanding, OHSU has so many building on one mountain they had to start building down near the Macadam area South Water front area.

I find the NW Portland a nice area to start out at. Also the SW area.

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One thought on “Q&A: Relocating to Portland, OR…?

  1. londondreamer2 says:

    as anyone will tell you…it rain a lot but at the same time its worth it because you get the rich green landscape. some websites that you could try to get an idea of the cost of living might be

    good areas to try are the suburbs like Tualatin/Sherwood, Lake Oswego, Clackamas, and Wilsonville but if you’re thinking about the downtown area itself try the University district or the Raleigh hlls area which is a little outside of the downtown area but still beautiful. One of the places I lived was called Multnomah Village and it might not seem like much but it had a great park called Gabriel park (which had some steep hills that were great for walking and great for walking the dog).
    The crime rate is probably like that of any other city..when I was going to PSU as a student I felt safe walking the streets of downtown Portland but I’d exercise caution walking the same streets at night alone of course!!!

    The job market would just depend on your profession…I’m in Accounting so I can’t say for sure what the market is for the medical profession. but try to look in the classifieds in the Oregonian to get an idea of what jobs are like.

    Fun things to do in Portland itself:
    go to powells bookstore
    the waterfront park always has some sort of festival going on
    and psu itself usually has outdoor concerts during the weekdays during school terms
    also on the psu campus is the saturday market which runs all year round (hard to belive but it true)
    there are a ton of breweries and pubs to try if you like that sort of thing and plenty of galleries to see
    if you like sports you could see the blazers, the beavers, the winterhawks, the timbers, and i’m sure i’ve left something out.

    and of course you have places to ski such as Mt. Hood, and Meadows (and Hoodoo and Mt. Bachelor further out)

    and you are also 1-2 hours away from the ocean
    and 4 hours away from Seattle

    Hope this helps and good luck with everything!!!!!

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