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Q&A: Questions about jobs in downtown chicago?

by tom44 on April 6, 2014

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Question by Wuddup: Questions about jobs in downtown chicago?
Hey guys, I have some questions about jobs in downtown chicago, mainly the area near michigan avenue as that is where I was to live. At the moment I live in michigan. Now, I am a sophomore in high school, so obviously I am approaching the time where I’d like to get my future set in motion so I can go on from there. before I explain my question, fist do know that I am some advanced/ap classes, and also have good grades, As and Bs. So anyhow, what I really want to do in life is become either a video game developer, or a journalist. I have just found both jobs very appealing to myself, And I think that it would be especially easy to accomplish finding a job of that sort in downtown chicago

But now I ask my real questions
1)What are the tyes of degrees and types of jobs for video game development and journalism
2)What are some good colleges to go to in michigan to become a video game developer or journalist?
3)What are good buisnesses for the types of these jobs in chicago?
4)What is the range of wage for these jobs?
5)Suggestions at all?

Thanks, and your help is greatly appreciated

Best answer:

Answer by Outlaw
You can get a degree in software engineering or in journalism. Those are the degrees. Journalism doesn’t pay very well and the gaming market is totally flooded with applicants. I’m not intending to be negative, just realistic.

The real money for software engineering is in medical software development. Things like Patient Archive Computer Systems (PACS) development for medical imaging systems is where the money is, not video games anymore. You REALLY have to know somebody inside to get the money jobs with video game develpment.

As for journalism, I would certainly encourage you to build on your interest in writing, but don’t focus on making that a career. Most high-level jobs require excellent communication skills and research abilities just like journalists. In reading your post, you seem to feel confident in your writing skills. The mistakes you made in your post will undoubtedly become fewer and fewer as you practice. Also, be ready to take criticism. Writers are critiqued by everybody whether they’re qualified or not.

If you go the journalism route, be prepared to work for free as an intern for the first year then be sent out to find a paying job elsewhere. That industry is so very cut-throat. Twenty-five interns in one year and only 1-2 low-level paying jobs available at the end of it.

You can design video games anywhere you want – home, corporate office, etc. Again, if you want to get into a major development company, be prepared to intern for 6 months to a year for free and hope you make the cut at the end of it.

Both of your career goals can be done as side-jobs. Plenty of paid writers and software developers have a different full-time job, especially in the beginning.

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