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Q&A: Private sector job idea? Bridges, remember Minneapolis a few years ago.. is it possible some of that bail out?

by tom44 on June 1, 2014

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minneapolis jobs
by 4Neus

Question by ChiGirl: Private sector job idea? Bridges, remember Minneapolis a few years ago.. is it possible some of that bail out?
stimulus money could put private sector to work by repairing bridge infracstructure in the United States? Please explain your answer. Please see link. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Captain Awesome
Well what was the stimulus package for? Oh thats right, political payback to Democrat Party supporters.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A: Private sector job idea? Bridges, remember Minneapolis a few years ago.. is it possible some of that bail out?

  1. MikeGolf says:

    When they passed the ‘stililus bill’ they claimed that this is what the money was for. Funny how none of these ‘shovel ready’ projects seem to exist anymore.

  2. The Taxpayer says:

    Stimulus Package was for shovel ready jobs. Stimulus Bill Passed….no shovel ready jobs.
    Need to repair highways. The DOT is nearly bankrupt! Raise the gasoline taxes. What will come of that are shovel ready jobs so that we can repair our bridges and roads. Gas tax raised…no thought or inkling of shovel ready jobs (four months ago).
    Are you ready for the next one?
    I do not believe that government will EVER surrender any power or initiative to the private sector. Particularly this crowd that’s in there now.

  3. Micheala3-#1 Fan of WDPLM?3 says:

    This current administration does NOT want to stimulate private sector.

    Note: Look at Illinois bridge statistics (your link)…… shows how much the empty seat Illinois senator really cares.

  4. bvw says:

    Take a macaroni stainer and use it to fill a swimming pool! That leaky cup would be far more effective than using the stimulus money for honest public works and infrastructure under the current political establishment.

    In these politicians hands the money becomes poison. They are killing the honest and reliable companies by granting work to the shoddy and corrupt.

  5. Anti ACORN (COI) protestor says:

    Oh Yes, and that was Obaama’s aim in the stimulus, in fact, Biden explained that on the CBS morning news I think it was, quite a while ago. Someone asked him how the stimulus would help small business… And Biden answered “By fixing the bridge that people use to get to your store.” I haven’t bothered to search it on Youtube, because only the minor gaffes by good conservatives are portrayed out of context poorly on Youtube, not the major embarrassments that are the idiot liberals.

  6. handsome says:

    He’ll throw out a few bones (contracts) just before the election.

  7. canam says:

    It should have all been put into the infrastructure-theres just one catch-all the jobs have to be “union” jobs so Obama can pay back SEIU and the unions that supported him. You see, its not about whats best for the country, its all about Obama paying back the network of organizations that put him in office.

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