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Q&A: Planning on relocating to Atlanta – What jobs should I apply for?

by tom44 on May 3, 2014

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Question by CocoNube: Planning on relocating to Atlanta – What jobs should I apply for?
I intend to relocate to Atlanta and I’m going to be smart by having a job waiting there for me before I get there. I’ve posted my resume on Monster, Careerbuilder, as well as noting that I intend to relocate. The thing is, my resume’s Objective is pretty general, as I’m not looking for a specific job title – I’m just seeking full-time employment. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology that I completed in 2005(was a pre-med major), and have done hospital volunteer work, and a behavioral science research internship, but my current employment is retail/customer service. Do you have a good idea of what I should be looking for in the Atlanta area? Or maybe my question is, with my background, what will be an easy target job for me? Are there any specific companies I should directly apply to?

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Answer by sophieb
I’m confused about why your resume’s objective is pretty geneneral. It’s like if you have no destination you’re not going to get there. So I suggest, since you were in biology that you find something with a hospital (management/administrator) or research team (diseases) and continue to specialize in Biology (the medical field is wide open, even for ecology or things to do with hurricanes or seizmology, or even growing foods and having to do with ecology, or in the horticulture field) or, if you like traveling and enjoy retail then apply for pharmaceutical sales jobs. Yes there are online places to apply like but I think you need to first find out what you want to do and then apply directly to the companies that do that, call them, ask for an application, ask what’s available, ask for an interview, then have an outstanding resume, dress and act businesslike, and keep calling back to ask if the job has been filled and if there are new availabilities. For these jobs you have to interview when they want you to (be in Atlanta in person) and have a few interviews so if you can have your rent paid when you first get there (like stay with friends or relatives) that would be great.

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