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Q&A: Part time job in Los Angeles / Pasadena?

by tom44 on August 7, 2012

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Question by Arare: Part time job in Los Angeles / Pasadena?
I want to start working from mid June to mid July.
I will be out of country in August.
From september, I have college and legal internship.

3 Options:
Find a one month part-time job (mid june – mid july)
Find a part time job that would let me take the whole August off and start working again from September.
Just find a part time job from September.

I will be able to work for only about 4 hours a day.
I am a girl…. can’t lift heavy stuff
I don’t want to work online.
A place that will hire me within a week from applying is good.
I don’t want to work at a place that I will be embarrassed or ashamed to put on my resume when I enter my legal career.
Somewhere in Los Angeles or Pasadena.

Don’t recommend me book stores. They have a long waiting list.
Don’t recommend me college. I can’t work there yet.
Don’t recommend me legal or medical jobs.
Don’t recommend me fast foods.
I don’t really prefer restaurants jobs.

Bath and body works kinda place, I like.


Thank you, everyone, in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by maliboo_girl
The job market is really bad right now, so it’s going to be very difficult to find something if you have such specific requirements. One out of 10 people in CA are unemployed. Part time jobs are especially hard to find. There are a lot of paperwork to file for jobs, so generally businesses won’t be eager to hire someone who is coming and going, and it’s not good for employee morale to have one employee take off a month when they’ve hardly been working there. Just being realistic.

You might try tutoring facilities since often the work is by client rather than straight hours, although not sure how much work is available in the summer. There are quite a few centers in Pasadena – lots of private school kids. (Not sure the job requirements, my son’s ISEE tutor was a Caltech grad student.)

Jobs typically for teens/young people are going to over-qualified adults. Retail is down, so they’re laying off rather than hiring. Go to the websites of the companies you’re interested in and similar companies and put in an application. Unless you know someone who can hire you, you’re likely looking at putting in a lot of apps, unless you get lucky quickly.

I’m not sure what you mean by embarrassed or ashamed to put on your resume — my dh worked as a janitor, went to Harvard (they found his job fascinating) and is a BigLaw partner. Any interesting/unusual job (the more interesting the better!) can likely help you as long as it’s not illegal.

Even if you can’t get a job at the college, they usually have outside job listings posted on college campuses.

Good luck!

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