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Q&A: Only for Boston people?

by tom44 on March 15, 2014

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Question by Marya: Only for Boston people?
Do you have an idea if Burlington, MA is a nice and safe place to settle in especially with children.I got to start a new job there very soon and i am wondering whether to live in burlington or near cities like malden or others, any advice please.

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Answer by Holly Golightly
Burlington is nice, and safe. Good mall in town, wonderful medical center (my sons pediatrician is there), I am not so much a fan of Malden. Lexington is very nice as well, a little bit less congested, nice little town. They are all very nice areas. It depends on what you are looking for, do you like city life? Or more of a suburban setting? Bedford is good as well. If you cross over Reading, Lynnfield is VERY nice, in SOME spots, Lynn is not so good. Can you come a couple weeks BEFORE you move to look around? If not, the company you are working for must have an HR person that can give you tips as well. I just relocated here too (a little over a year ago) with a 2 year old, and I knew NOBODY! It was pretty scary. If you want to chat, email me. I am going to dig through my contacts to find you a realtor in that area if you like. Also, start calling on child care now, if you will be needing it. Go to for free referrals, just be sure to check the refs of all the providers, the circuit does not check references. Good Luck!

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9 thoughts on “Q&A: Only for Boston people?

  1. fenwaydav says:

    The town of Burlington and towns surround are for the most part very nice and fairly safe. I lived in Bedford (next town over) for twenty years before moving to where I live today in Boston. I use to shop there. The world renown Lahey Clinic is there also……

  2. I Like Stories says:

    Burlington is fine as are all the surrounding towns. If you can afford it – Tewksbury, Andover, N. Andover would be my first choices.

    I work in Billerica – next to Burlington.

    I live on the seacoast and commute to Billerica. I know lots of people who live in Peabody, Newbury, Georgetown and other north shore towns and commute to the Burlington, Billerica area.

  3. Hank says:

    Burlington is just a typical American suburban town, with a big mall. Typically suburban sterile.

    Malden is the most successfully integrated and multi-cultural community in Massachusetts (and was rewarded for that under state law a few years ago with gazillions of money for building new schools) which I personally think is very enriching for kids. It is also somewhat cheaper than Burlington for housing but like typical “trolley car suburbs” yards are small. It is full of interesting and good restaurants but they are scattered throught the city; unlike other successful multicultural places in the USA for some reason Malden lacks a vibrant, bizzaar-feeling downtown. One of the great pluses on the other hand in Malden’s favor is its excellent public transportation, including both fast subway and commuter rail to downtown Boston.

    Both communities are relatively quite safe.

  4. ShadyBeeBoppinsMcGee says:

    Burlington is a safe place to live. I grew up and lived there until I was 21. The High School is meh so-so for education purposes. I remember my “honors” british lit class consisted of watch episodes of Mr Bean and Are You Being Served. I had to get out because there really isn’t anything going on here other then the mall. If you’re looking for a stable family environment then I would really consider Burlington over your other options of Malden etc. No offense to the Malden people, but that place is a downer!

  5. gsmom says:

    Burlington is nice but Id Prefer Wilmington which is northeast of Burlington or Lexington which is south of Burlington.Have lived in Malden 16 years yes they have received a ton of money for the school re-modification BUT they have a Hidden Drug academic (heroin) use is among the rise.Lynn Don’t be so harsh yes does have a High crime rate But don’t single us out. Saugus Is wonderful extreme great but there school system is small but to live there may be worth it. Lynnfield again depending on the area Nice and Alberio mass also Nice and lastly don’t forget Canton Nice and Not so far from the City.

  6. tom_f22 says:

    Simply: Burlington is nice, safe, and good if you have children. If you have have a job there you should have no reservations about moving to Burlington.

  7. John A says:

    One hears nothing bad about Burlington. About Lynn keep in mind that it has been featured on COPS a few times-and this is not a good thing.

  8. ShouldBeWorking says:

    Burlington is a typical suburb, it’s nice and safe and has decent schools. It’s where one of the bigger malls in the state is, as well as a few other shopping centers (Kohls, Borders Bookstore, etc in a few locations), some fast food and good eateries and decent school systems. It’s pretty basic, and if you can really live and work in the same city – go for it! Burlington is close to the highways, but why deal with traffic when what you have in Burlington is just as nice as you’ll find in other close locations. The homes are settled in a way odds are you’ll have a nice yard for your kids, and the crime is low, as the police tend to be very strict in the area- even for crime such as speeding, etc. I have lots of friends who live in the area and all enjoy it, so I think the factor of being close to your job would make it ideal.

  9. Kathy M says:

    If you have older teenaged children they’d be happiest somewhere like Malden or Somerville because there is access to public transportation. They might get bored living in Burlington because it’s so far from the city with no real fun places to hang out. But if your kids are young then Burlington is fine. Very nice and quite area.

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