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Q&A: Need help picking a job in the medical field.?

by tom44 on April 15, 2014

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Question by meismegotit: Need help picking a job in the medical field.?
I’m a junior in highschool and I really want to get all my college stuff figured out before senior year. I’m fairly good in school and I want to get in the medical field. I’m really not sure what to get into… There are so many fields to get in, A lot of the jobs I looked at either pay real well + 8 years of college or 2-3 years of college and a bad job market for that type of job. I basically want a job that pays good and doesn’t require so many degrees. Also one that has needy job market, like if I study for Nuclear medicine and there are no jobs avaliable; I’m screwed. I really need your guys advice on which to look into. Thanks in advance

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Answer by rrb
Seriously by the time you get out of school the economy will be different. Make sure you choose an area that appears interesting to you and shadow someone in this field before deciding. Healthcare is a good paying career for most of us, but it isn’t easy and there is a high burnout rate.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Need help picking a job in the medical field.?

  1. Chad G says:

    The medical environment holds a wealth of different occupations from the obvious nurse and doctor occupations to adminstrative occupations. My sister really wanted to work in this vocation, but she wasn’t certain perfectly what she really wanted to do. She discovered the website in the resource box below, it has lots of tips and tricks, and it helped her to decide what she really wanted to do. They have guidance with other jobs too.

  2. jannsody says:

    Here is a website for general career information: and can type into search.

    There are a few jobs that are popular for training these days but don’t really have the jobs in those fields and they include the medical assistant, medical biller and/or medical coder. Those private $ $ career/tech for-profit schools tout how booming certain fields are but it’s not really the case.

    With schooling, please steer clear of those online, for-profit schools (may have ‘bricks and mortar’ buildings and may be ‘accredited’) such as penn foster, capella, university of phoenix, everest, sanford brown, ITT tech, kaplan, ashworth, walden, argosy, strayer, ashford, devry, remington, colorado tech and others as they are merely out to ‘make a profit’ (and course credits may Not transfer): and can type into search.

    For US colleges:

    This website has posts by former students about their experience at certain colleges: and can type into search and click ‘comments’ if there are any.

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