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Q&A: Moving to Los Angeles?

by tom44 on April 28, 2013

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Question by volleyballgqueen: Moving to Los Angeles?
I know there’s a lot of questions about moving to LA but none of them are for me most of them are moving to LA to b in the entertainment business and that’s not what am looking for. Am 21 yrs old and I live in Ohio I knew for a very long time that I didn’t want to live in Ohio for the rest of my life. Am a stna(cna) and plan on continuing that field when I get there and going to school to become an emt. I would b moving there around November and will have 5000 by then I plan on looking for work and a place to stay before I get there I have family done there but am very independent and don’t like living with people(but I am condsiding to find a roommate)need advice:
—where can I find I roommate
—do you like living in Los Angeles
—I plan on living in north hollywood(noho)or what other place do u consider for a 21 year old
–is it hard finding a job as a nursing assistant
–or just any advice that u can tell me

P.S. — I don’t need anyone telling me it’s to expensive don’t move here because u only have one life to live and there are many challenges that we have to go through and learn from and LA is one of those challenges am 21 have no kids and nothing holding me back from doing what I want.

Best answer:

Answer by Obviousman
OK, I’ll give you points for having some skills. However, you should lose the attitude when consulting us here. We see a LOT of people coming here unprepared, and without enough startup money. And yeah, it’s expensive here. I just hate to see people move out here without the proper resources, then run out of money and have to move back home or live in the streets. You know what I mean?

–You can find a roommate at For your homework, read the questions in the real estate and rental forum here at YA. It will open your eyes as to what can (and does) go wrong when roommate situations go bad. Rule #1: Read your contract, understand your responsibilities and rights, and understand what will happen if things go bad.

–LOVE living here. 340+ days of sunshine makes up for the traffic and the smog. Having a beach nearby also helps.

–Rather than deciding on a place to live beforehand, get a job lined up first. It’s no good to live in NoHo if the only jobs available are in the OC or South Bay. Keep your options open. Start out at the Oakwood Apartments.

–All jobs are hard right now. We’re still coming out of the Great Recession, and you still have overqualified people taking up the jobs you want, just because there aren’t any jobs available.

–We generally recommend about $ 10,000 to start out, minimum, mainly because of the job market. It takes about $ 3000 per month overall to make it here on your own, and you can see that you don’t have much leeway if a job does not come through. $ 15,000 is recommended.

Good luck.

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