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Q&A: Middle and last name for a character named Callum?

by tom44 on April 30, 2013

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Question by haden: Middle and last name for a character named Callum?
This is a character of mine I want to figure out a good middle and last name for. The middle name doesn’t matter so much as the last. It should sound a little rugged and yet classy.

About Callum: Twenty-six years old. Dark hair, blue eyes. Lean, six feet tall. He’s from Alaska and is living in Charleston now. His job will be something hands-on, perhaps a mechanic, or in construction, maybe even an architect.

Any serious suggestions are appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by whyhuhwhy
Callum Heath O’Leary

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Middle and last name for a character named Callum?

  1. Leila says:

    I’m inclined towards Callum Michael Wilson. Michael isn’t the most original choice, but it’s pretty timelessly popular. If Wilson doesn’t work for you, I would probably go with some other English-y surname ending in -son (Jameson, Jackson, Johnson, Benson) or maybe -ton (Alton, Newton, Thornton, Wilton). Good luck!

  2. angelik says:

    Callum Dean Hawthorne
    Callum Sawyer Hartley
    Callum Jasper Elliott
    Callum Ryan Winters
    Callum Richard Anderson
    Callum Isaac Mordecai
    Callum Levi Kellerman
    Callum Martin Kerrigan
    Callum James Dawson
    Callum Reece Fontana
    Callum Gregory Stone
    Callum Adrian Webb

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