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Q&A: Miami dade honors college?

by tom44 on March 9, 2014

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Question by Solanch A: Miami dade honors college?
I’m a junior in high school right now and I’m considering miami dade honors. I was all for it but I’m scared its just going to pull me back Instead of ahead. I was going to do dual enrollment but they strongly encourage students not to do it and your classes are chosen for you which may limit me to take my required classes to transfer to uf or ucf. Also, every time I call for information the directors don’t give me direct answers, it sounds more like they are advertising than answering my concerns. The whole reason I want to do the program is to save some cash, can I still receive financial aid and bright futures if I’m in the honors program. Help x(

Best answer:

Answer by ASUGRAD
I have many friends who went to a community college first before attending FSU or UF. I think Miami Dade College is excellent to begin right away at a low cost. I would recommend starting with this link.

I am a graduate student at UF in engineering. On the side, I am also trying to get a computer programming certificate. I am actually planning on doing that online via Miami Dade. As for current HS students, MDC has many great two-year programs that translate to immediate job employment. I would recommend healthcare, accounting, or software. The physician assistant program is top rate. The programming courses are tremendous. I saw courses for all the major languages in demand like Java, C++, C#, Python, Perl, iPad/Mac programming (objective C), HTML 5, SQL, etc.

The healthcare campus just off the Dolphin Expressway is great for allied health. I would also recommend looking into sonography or medical billing/coding. The job market is great for some majors.

The key is just to get started and get good grades. Start with your HS advisor. The only problem with the campus is that it’s very large with plenty of congestion. So your advisors may be hard to contact. But patience will pay off.

If that frustrates you then also look into Broward College which is just as good with similar programs and in-state or out-of-state transfer options after the associate’s degree. As for me, I am just using the MDC continuing adult education site for current job-related programs where programming courses are greatly listed that my employers need.

I wish I had gone to a community college first and studied radiography. I could have worked while getting my bachelor’s degree and gotten first-hand clinical experience with great pay. But I did it the hard way. I’m doing great now though.

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