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Q&A: MEPS, ADHD, Getting my congressman’s help and failing the urinalysis moral waiver questions.?

by tom44 on September 26, 2012

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Question by Daniel: MEPS, ADHD, Getting my congressman’s help and failing the urinalysis moral waiver questions.?
Here is my story sorry it is so long but please help…

I am a currently a 25 year old male college grad and on Nov 07 I went to the Minneapolis MEPS to join the Minnesota National Guard. Everything went fine and I oathed in. Two weeks later I received a letter saying I failed my urinalysis! I have never done any illegal drugs and the only thing on my record is a minor consumption and two speeding tickets when I was 16. Turns out it was because of medication I was on for ADD. I was diagnosed when I was very young but I dont think I ever really needed it but I would fill a prescription when I had intense study times like finals in college and what not. I had no idea this would be a problem. I was naive to think since it was legal it would be OK. I didn’t tell meps just to avoid some paperwork and it bit me in the ass. I was told to wait a year and I did because I wanted to finish my degree.

After a year I got a medical waiver for the medication I was on which was Dexedrine; I gave them all my medical records and a letter from my doctor stating I was fine without the meds. I went to sign up again and they said that I couldn’t because I now needed a moral waiver for failing the drug test. Sooooo I got together letters of recommendation from my people stating I had good moral character one was from my neighbor who is a full bird colonel and the other from my advisor from my college. I then spoke over the phone with a Major at National Guard Bureau who in turn spoke to my neighbor and advisor, the Major then requested my waiver be approved. Months later they denied my moral waiver mainly because of the situation with recruiting and only people with spotless records could get in. It has been a year and since then I have been working at an office equipment dealer as an outside sales rep pounding the phones, it is a very demanding job so to make things a little easier I filled another prescription for dexedrine thinking I would never try to join again. The other day I was taking a break and decided to contact my congressman and see if there was anything he could do. I did it mainly as a curiosity and for some closure that I did everything I could. To my surprise they said they could help me mainly because my problems with signing up were due to something that wasn’t illegal. So my concern now is that I am on the medication again after being off of it for 2 years and If I go to MEPS and re-physical should I tell them about the meds? I was thinking that to their knowledge I have not been on the meds since late 07. They have all of my medical records since the day I was born until Jan 09′ and nothing from this last year. My question is should I tell them I am back on the meds?

Also does anyone know of the chances the congressman will help me get in???

Thanks for your help!
Thanks, but to add to this I due plan on stopping the meds once again, I dont need them to function and I have proven that. Before I go to MEPS again I will stop the medication with plenty of time so this does not happen again!

Best answer:

Answer by Savannah
Congressional – the thing your congressman can write for you, can be very effective at keeping people in the Army and getting them put out, so it does have power, just not sure if it has the power to force the Army to select you. As far as your meds, if it is going to come up in your urine you need to tell them. Take that last sentence how you want to.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: MEPS, ADHD, Getting my congressman’s help and failing the urinalysis moral waiver questions.?

  1. Malruhn says:

    Let me get this straight…

    You have a record of using alcohol in an illegal manner (underage consumption). Now, you have proven to the military that you are willing to LIE to enlist by withholding your medical history??

    The next time you go to MEPS, they will take several months to ensure that every piece of paper is filled out correctly and that every spot that needs a comment has an appropriate comment – and you will be perma-DQ’d.

    A medical history of ADD/ADHD that required medication after a VERY young age is a PERMANENT MEDICAL DISQUALIFIER.

    Evidently you have problems understanding this.

    Are you assuming that being in a combat situation will be any less stressful than being a sales representative? In combat, the military needs EVERYONE to be at their peak – not drugged down into submission by taking dexxies.

    Stick to sales, because the military does not want or need someone that is either on drugs or is willing to lie about them.

  2. HDH says:

    Oh boy, what a mess you got there.

    Sorry to say, but where you went wrong was in not telling MEPS that you were currently on meds for ADHD.

    Secondly, going back on them again. You will need to wait a year from the time you are OFF them before you will be eligible to enlist. This is aside from the moral waiver issue, if someone can help you with that issue.

    I was on these meds as a kid once, too. And it can be tempting to want to go back on them again. You know that you are working harder to stay focused than most people have to. You’d like to have that edge back. But if you want to get into the military, you’re going to have to learn to excel without that extra edge. It can be done.

    You have to wait out the year since you’ve been on them. That’s the guideline. No way around it. (It’s no longer an automatic DQ, apparently they’ve studied recruits with ADD and most adjust okay as long as they’ve done alright for a few years without any meds.)

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