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Q&A: Medical Career information please?

by tom44 on September 5, 2012

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Question by : Medical Career information please?
I have alot of questions based on what I want to be, I know I want to be in the medical field and im taking medical classes in high school right now (I graduate next yr 2012) and I just really need alot of different opinions from people.. here are my questions:
1) What medical jobs pay at least about $ 100,000 a year but requires no more that 6 yrs of schooling?
2) What does it take to become those?
3) Im willing to go to any college in Florida preferably Miami or Orlando, what colleges do you suggest are best in medical?
and 4) What kind of math must I need to know to become any of the jobs you listed?
Lastly please just give me your honest advice and what my best bets are?
Your answers are very greatly appreciated, Please & Thank you! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by spidermonkee624
It depends if you want to work with patients or not. If you don’t mind working with patients medical engineering or chemical engineering are good choices to make decent money.

In the medical field you really need 8 years of schooling. 4 years college, 4 years med school. You can also do a combined program where you finish your BS and MD in 7 years, some school offer that. Or you can do Physician Assistant, which still makes decent money, but also requires 7 years of school. 4 years college, 3 years PA school. If you are really stuck on the 6 years of schooling you can do nursing, but you won’t make 100,000 unless you progress and become a director of nursing somewhere.

You really have to do research about the colleges you want to go to. Florida has some good universities, but I am not aware of the nursing schools there, because I wanted to go to college in the Northeast. You are definitely going to have to take Calculus 1 and 2, and organic chemistry 1 and 2, along with Physics and a LOT of Biology.

Honest advice, the medical field is rough right now. I wanted to be a doctor since I was 4. Then in college I realized that doctors don’t make nearly as much money as they used to, they live in their offices and they never see their families. So instead I do genetic research, which I do enjoy. I chose this so I could be around for my kids (which I don’t have yet). I would sit down with your guidance counselor and go over your options.

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2 thoughts on “Q&A: Medical Career information please?

  1. Rosa Blanca says:

    Off the top of my head

    1) Pharmacist, dentist, physician, surgeons, nurses! Also, very successful physiotherapist / occupational therapist however that may take a few years after making ~50-80k. Finally, in the states anesthesiology assistants make 100K.

    2) see google book link provided

    3) depending upon the profession you choose, choose the specialized reputable program after thorough research which includes you calling the professional schools and interacting with CURRENT students (not students 20 years ago). Of course, you can interact with people in the current profession holding those job titles

    4) Depending upon the profession you choose.

    My honest advise is to go with something you’re PASSIONATE about, you can wake up to every day and say OMG i can’t wait to get to work. If its the salary that drives you, you might want to take a few steps back and recollect your thoughts and re-assess your goals, good luck.

  2. Gata de Barrio says:

    Surgeons would never work for 40,000 dollars a year in the US I assure you. To become a surgeon you must complete med school and a 4-5 year gen surgery residency. You won’t become board licensed until you’re at least 30 years old! The second respondent is probably referring to surgical techs which is usually a nursing specialty where you assist surgeons during their operations. They actually earn pretty good cash and won’t take more than 6 years of schooling to get there.

    Anesthesiology assistants is also a nursing subspecialty and I’d find it rare that they’d earn 100,000 dollars off the bat considering they’d need to get an NP degree in order to prescribe drugs on their own. They have to work under a medical anesthesiologist and focus on the easy tasks.

    You don’t seem passionate enough to enter med school so perhaps a tech job might be your cup of tea?

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