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Q&A: Medical assistant be a cna?

by tom44 on November 5, 2012

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Question by Winter: Medical assistant be a cna?
I am a Medical assistant can i get a job as a cna with my medical assistant certificate?

Best answer:

Answer by sara c
If that is what you really want but why you want to take a big cut in pay?

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: Medical assistant be a cna?

  1. kualua makani says:

    A medical assistant and a CNA have different job responsibilities, therefore you would not be able to neccessarily perform all the job tasks. Also it depends on the state. Some states (Maryland for example) require all nursing assistants to be CNAs and all CNAs to be a graduate of a CNA program and to have passed the CNA examination and be licensed. You state that you have an MA certificate but not whether or not you are a certified Medical Assistant. In some states, any body can be taken off the street and trained in the office to be an MA, and then can sit the MA exam in get certified if they pass.

    You will have to check the laws for CNA certification and licensure for your state.

  2. Mary B says:

    No. A CNA is a state-regulated profession, and you have to pass a CNA course as well as a state exam

    Medical Assistants is not a recognized profession in any state, nor is it regulated by the state.

    That is why many MA’s can’t get jobs after they finish these programs…they are a huge scam in education right now.

  3. Tina Joy! says:

    Why would you lower your employment range by stepping down a level to become a CNA. If anything, you should step it up by going into nursing.

    Do you realize how many CNA’s would love to be where you are right now? Along with the pay raise as well?

    Girl you better think this thru!

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