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Q&A: Jobs in Denver for someone with a love of animals and numerous degrees?

by tom44 on June 17, 2012

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Question by Dazed: Jobs in Denver for someone with a love of animals and numerous degrees?
I have a number of degrees. I also love animals. I would love a job that combined my experience and education but was helping animals; also, I would like to make a decent living. Does anyone know of such jobs in Denver, Colorado?

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Answer by Riggo
Well, there’s fairy princess. Oh, and Dr. Doolittle.

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One thought on “Q&A: Jobs in Denver for someone with a love of animals and numerous degrees?

  1. Jeremey E says:

    Okay, I’m an entrepreneur, and I’m thinking about doing this myself… there is a HUGE need for good dog trainers right now, and people will pay good money to have their dogs trained. My wife and I paid $ 350 for 6 45 minute sessions with a froo froo dog trainer (pretty average rate), and she was absolutely awesome. But, most people don’t want to pay $ 350 for training, and wouldn’t need half the stuff she taught us anyway. After putting our dog through her class, I realized that she wasn’t training our dog, she was simply training us to understand dogs and then she taught us a few things to teach the dog ourselves.

    There are several books that you could read that would teach you everything you need to know about the basics of understanding dogs. The trainer we used had a daily checklist of things we were suppose to do with Molly, and it was so basic, anyone could have done what that trainer did! She even told us that she has two degrees in animal something or other, but what she was teaching us was straight of books that we could get from the library.

    You could charge $ 20-30/hour and people would absolutely love you and refer you to other dog owners. You could occasionally raise your rates little by little until you are at a price that you felt comfortable with.

    Just a thought!

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