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Q&A: Jobs hiring in Maryland?? Please help!?

by tom44 on June 4, 2014

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Question by jay: Jobs hiring in Maryland?? Please help!?
I am 15, i will be 16 in june. i really need a job, any job, to help my parents out and also pay for a school trip.. ive been applying to many places and haven’t received a call back yet. i have a clean record. i am a people person, i am optomistic, i am persistant, and i am a good listener. if you can help me out at all, please reply! thank you.

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Answer by Jassi
it will be hard to find jobs for you with your young age..your a liabilty sad to say and most jobs require you to be 18 and or experienced..go to your counselor and get a work permit or reference note so that when you apply for these jobs that alow 16 year olds (giants,burger king, mcdonalds, wendys, taco bell) you will already be a step ahead of the other young kids..thats what my sister did since they will require a reference..your teacher and counselor could be that reference since your in school and would have to balance work and school

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