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Q&A: Jobs are so hard to find in Las Vegas, NV, What should I do?

by tom44 on July 23, 2013

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Question by : Jobs are so hard to find in Las Vegas, NV, What should I do?
I have my associates degree in health information management and a certified coding associate license. I am currently working on my bachelors online in health info management and working on getting my CCS and RHIT licenses this year. With an associates degree in health information management and a CCA license, why is it so hard to get hired. I been to three interviews for a job in medical coding, never got it. They always took someone else. I applied for the HIM specialist position that is perfect for me because i have a degree in that field.. but they wont give me a go at it. Its frustrating not getting anywhere. So I am guessing, are there any good jobs that you can do working from home. I been thinking about being a cyber cop. do they get good money?

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6 thoughts on “Q&A: Jobs are so hard to find in Las Vegas, NV, What should I do?

  1. choko_canyon says:

    Obviously, leave Las Vegas and move to a place with an actually functional economy where professions like yours are more sought after.

    So you’re guessing are there good jobs you can do from home? What does that mean? Did you mean “asking” instead of guessing?

  2. Allison says:

    The reason why you can’t find a job is because Nevada has the country’s HIGHEST unemployment rate. With a glut of highly over qualified people in the job market an employer can choose from the “cream of the crop”.

  3. ??? ??? says:

    Move out of Las Vegas and expand your horizons elsewhere.

  4. desertgirl says:

    Las Vegas has one of the highest unemployment rates in the US. One of my good friends just have to walk away from her home and move to New Mexico for work. You need to concider changing fields or expanding your degree. The job market right now is favoring people with years of experiece and solid college education. Your online degree is probably disquallifying you right off the bat.

    Work at home jobs have NEVER paid alot of money. Most of them only concider you to be a 1099. I worked for about a year at a company like this and got paid about 15 cents per minute. In the end, I worked like a dog and ended up making 12k for the year. 3k of that had to be paid to the government. If I was living alone I would have never made enough for food, rent, etc.

    The only job that is desperately hiring is the school system for substitutes who get payed about $ 100 per hour; however, your certified coding associate license won’t cut it for this. You would need at least an associates degree from an accrediated college. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

  5. MomSezNo says:

    Las Vegas has a very high unemployment rate. And, it sounds like you have no experience.

    Have you tried applying at hospitals? They might be more willing to take on a “trainee”.

  6. Betty says:

    Jobs in Las Vegas (including the state of NV) are pretty much restricted to people with experience. And speaking of medical coding jobs, you have two options: (a) seek externships and entry-level jobs in any avalable medical position, or (b) seek out better opportunities outside the state, like in FL or TX where coders generally have better chances of employment. I know this because I work as a coder myself and have had prior experience in Nevada.

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