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Q&A: Job market for elementary teachers in Los Angeles?

by tom44 on April 17, 2014

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Question by Trying to do the right thing: Job market for elementary teachers in Los Angeles?
I’ve heard varying facts about the LA teaching market. I know that some secondary subjects are in demand, most of the lower rated high schools need good teachers, etc.

What is the market like for elementary teachers?
I’ve read that elementary teachers are having an especially hard time finding a job in California. Does this apply even in LA? Is it easier to find work in one of the lower rated urban schools?

Also, for a sheltered person from the suburbs, are the lower rated LA schools as dangerous as I’ve heard?

Best answer:

Answer by eastacademic
no. not dangerous.

kids are kids – they all want to have a great, interesting teacher. They want to learn and have giant dreams.

If you are lucky enough to work in urban LA – you are going to love it!~ The kids are wonderful, the parents really admire what you do and are very respectful.

You’ve heard complaints about overbearing parents from teachers? I’ve had two in 16 years in Los Angeles – for the most part, parent contact is a dream and they know education is a ticket to a better life.

Do I have gangs in my schools area? of course. grafitti. kids whove seen things you and I never would have. This last year – 2 deaths in the family of some of my kids – gang related. does it spill over into my school, no. We are a haven.

From the outside – you would think my school is one of those dangerous ones you have heard about – but I gotta tell you its absolutely false. (and im at the middle school)

The negative things students are worried about exactly what you think a middle school child would deal with – friends, love life (way too much of this), myspace, dealing with parents, getting decent grades, fitting in – the truth is – because of where we are, the kids who are dealing with the harder stuff get help – because of where we are, we are very sensitive to gang signals at this young age – we have councelors, admins, group time, even a police officer who specialize in dealing with the kids who need the most help.

MY biggest struggle with my kids has nothing to do with behavior. language level and lack of exposure because of their economic reality are my biggest problems.

Be wary of answerers who do not teach in urban districts – often theyll express their fears rather than their experiences. One way to overcome your fears – is to find a school you’d like to visit and do so – every school has their mentor teachers – I suggest starting with these – its nice to see a classroom in full swing.

good luck again!

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