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Q&A: Is Portland a good place to relocate?

by tom44 on September 3, 2013

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Question by Jimbo: Is Portland a good place to relocate?
I live in St. Louis, and I’m tired of the boring Midwest with its hot and humid summers, cold winters and ultra-conservative bible-bumping residents. Is Portland all it’s cracked up to be? How gay-friendly is the Portland area? I know domestic partnerships are legal in Oregon, but how do people really feel about it? What is the job market like? I’m in the healthcare/pharmacy field, are there many jobs? My partner has a degree in advertising and marketing. Sorry for all the questions… I just want to know what Portland is really like.

Sorry… I have more…
Is traffic really all that bad? I’ve heard people complain about Portland traffic before. Where’s the best place to live? I want to live close to the city in a modest house (2 to 3 bedrooms at a decent price) in a nice area — close to transit and whatnot. How far are the mountains? How far is the coast?

Again, sorry for all the questions.

Best answer:

Answer by Tapestry6
If you like rain you will love Portland, its full of the ex hippies from Haight Ashbury in California…I would go to and look for their job market.

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4 thoughts on “Q&A: Is Portland a good place to relocate?

  1. Alyssa says:

    I think Portland is a great city. It’s very gay-friendly and people don’t seem to mind domestic partnerships. The unemployment rate is high, but the minimum wage is $ 07.80 – greater than most states. Depending on what your career field is, it may or may not be easy to find a job. However, it should be easy to find a job in the Health care/Pharmacy and Advertising & Marketing fields.

    In my opinion, the best area to live in is NW Portland – especially, around 23rd [very popular street in the metro area]. It is downtown and is just below the suburbs of the west hills. As well, you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for gasoline and dealing with traffic because the MAX trains and Portland Streetcars are very accessible. Even though you will see cars being driven downtown, it is a bit challenging to drive around… most people choose to use the light rail systems [MAX trains and Portland Streetcars]. And traffic isn’t bad… but it really depends on what city you’re comparing it to.

    Another really cool thing about Oregon is that there’s no sales tax and no self-serve gasoline, haha. Very convenient.

    Any road, I hope you decide to re-locate to Portland :].

    Oh yeah, and the coast and mountains are about 1.5-2.0 hours away… and the weather here isn’t as bad as most people think it is. Yes, it does rain most of the year… but it’s not always heavy, pouring rain. The summers here are very nice, though… very warm and low humidity.

  2. boughtstuffonebay says:

    Portland is great, especially if you love scenery. There is lots of trees, and beautiful houses on the hills which have an excellent view. There are lots of interesting things to do like go to OMSI, a museum for children and adults. (Currently the theme is Body Worlds 3) If you get bored with going there, get onto a cruise ship and look out on the city from the river. There is a variety of restaurants to go to- Chinese, Japanese, American, Mexican, and much more. Portland is a popular city so sometimes there is bad traffic, but normally the roads run smoothly.
    Healthcare, hm? Well, you could always check out the OHSU I suppose. We don’t really have a gay discriminatory problem, but some people think it’s wrong. But don’t worry-most don’t mind.

  3. chefmegan101 says:

    Portland is a beautiful city…. There are quite a few towns around the PDX area that are within a short drive to the city. I personally like around SE Powell because thats where I grew up lol, like Gresham. I like Lake Oswego too but its a ways out.
    If you’re looking for the city NW PDX is good like the other poster said, there is a TON of great restaurants in that area and its very artsy.
    Public transportation is great. (IMO)I dont know too much about the job market in the pharmeceutical field but there is OHSU (Health and Sciences University) so it may or may not be harder to get a job. (I know in the food service industry its a pain in the ass because of western culinary institute and all of the restaurants)
    I lived in SW Portland for 3 years for college and loved it, I was right downtown. Portland is pretty gay-friendly, research around the net and I dont think you’ll be disappointed.
    As for traffic, its ok but not insanely crazy. Its bad if you’re commuting to downtown everyday (you should ride trimet if you’re close) but if you like in suburbs you’re alright! Check out portland’s craigslist…
    Anymore questions feel free to email!

    Its a nice place to vacation too, I live in Klamath but I still go up and see relatives, shop and eat.

  4. prekinpdx says:

    Indeed, it is all it’s cracked up to be. Yes, gay friendly for sure. Not an issue. The food is incredible, some of the best in the country and the whole culture is great. Beer, wine, food, uhm….green…., etc. We appreciate quality – plenty of locally owned food stores that have local and organic food. OHSU is one of the leading health science universities in the country and is now expanding. Kaiser is huge here. I’m not in your field, but I would guess that the medical field is doing great. Widden and Kennedy are based here (advertising) and they have made Portland a hub for creative advertising and marketing. Traffic sucks. It’s true. If you bike (bikes are allowed on all busses and light rail) you’re better off. It’s the price we pay for our ‘urban growth boundary’ – a line that the urban folks may not develop in, it keeps infill happening in the city as opposed to sprawl…a very good thing. But, mass transit is also excellent. Pretty much anywhere has busses that can get you to Max (light rail). Mountains are about 60-90 minutes away and coast is about 90 minutes. High Dessert is about 2 hours or so. Plenty of great spots to live in Portland, but the housing market is still booming, so it’s not cheap to live ‘close in’…that is nearer to downtown. But close in is really where it’s at. Northeast Portland has some affordable areas if you go far north enough, and enough cool stuff outside your door that you don’t need downtown. Same with Southeast. Really, the neighborhoods all over the east side, from the river to 82nd Ave are great. North Portland has some great spots too, like the St John’s neighborhood. There are so many. You should spend a weekend here and just check it all out to see what part you’d like the best. You won’t regret moving here. At all. You’ll love it.

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