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Q&A: is it tough being on your own ?? does anyone has any experience moving out from parents ?

by tom44 on September 20, 2012

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Question by dAmIAnOO: is it tough being on your own ?? does anyone has any experience moving out from parents ?
ok so im an 18 year old guy living with my parnets in Queens ,NYC
i like living in a big city but sometimes i wish that i was on my own cause my parents drive me crazy and its really annyoing and they cna bring me down sometime

im not in college yet ,im in a GED prep classes im gonna get my GED in Dec. or Jan and i will go to college next fall to study veterinary technology
i would want to be on my own but im just afraid that im just not gonna be able to survive on my own not having a job and completed education and now that the job market is really bad
as i said i do have plans for the future i wanna become a vet tech, i love working with pets my parents know that i wanna move out but they want me to stay as long as i want and that after college i can look for my own place and the thing with that is that i wanna move to the other side of the country i wanna live in San Francisco or Los Angeles
i will want to go back to college and study either veterinary medicine or musical theater

so does anyone has any stories ???? is it hard being on your own at a young age ????
should i stay with them until im done with college ??

Best answer:

Answer by Zoren
Its tough. But you’ll get use to it.

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14 thoughts on “Q&A: is it tough being on your own ?? does anyone has any experience moving out from parents ?

  1. ezickl says:

    Your parents aren’t real, it’s time to wake up now Bobby.

  2. Robert U says:

    i would stay with them until u become cmpletly independant with a job n stuff

  3. Jamies Girl says:

    i moved out at 17, moved 150 miles away, its hard being away from them cos i miss them but i cope

  4. peaches6 says:

    My son’s 24, moved out to live with friends while going to college and working at a movie theater. He wasn’t pulling his weight so now he’s living out of his car. It’s very hard. . . that’s why a college education is very important. Good Luck!

  5. Aislinn says:

    I’m 19 and I moved on my own last August, but only two hours away so I could still visit my parents and get to them if I needed to for any reason. Moving out is great, but it get’s hard at times. You have to pay for everythinggggggggg, and it’s stressful but you have so much more freedom! I love it! I recommend doing it, but it may be difficult if you move that far away.

  6. DW says:

    Get this book now: A Million Bucks by 30, by Alan Corey. You are in very similar situation the author was in, and I trust this book will help you tremendously.


    Yes,and save your money! It might not be the greatest with them,but the real world is harsh! Im 43,left home,and been on my own since i was 15. Trust me,stay at home,get your education,save your money. You have your whole life to do what you want. Good luck becoming a vet,that is an Honorable position! I hope i helped.

  8. ElusionM says:

    Life will definitely be different and a little harder.

    You will lose most sensations of love care and family for a while

    Income will be a problem, you will lose free time, you will have to work harder, get better jobs, food and shelter, rent, headaches and other problems. Bills, utilities and rents/

    I advice and suggest that you stay with your parents AT LEAST until you have a steady job from your Associates college degree. Life without parents gets very tough, with reasons some I included above.

    That said, you shouldn’t slump down in your parents house and do nothing either. Not moving away doesn’t mean you depend on them. Work with them, bring incomes home with them, and you’ll live a better and more eased life, and so will your parents.

    When you truly ready to move( because right now you are NOT, considering you have to ask about these situations), then make the move.

    Good luck!

  9. rosita says:

    Im 20 and have been on my own for 2 years. You def need a job to even survive and since you haven’t even gotten your GED yet your going to be working alot of hours for a min wage job. It can happen you just gota think about everything you have to pay if you want cable and internet. groceries. Alot of apartments need to see proof of a job or a co-signer also.sooo its def hard but I am not saying it is impossible

  10. April A says:

    I say that if they want you to stay with them then take advantage of that and stay until you are out of college and in a stable career. I have been on my own since I was 16 and it was tough then when I started out but things have gotten much harder now since the economy is in the toilet. My suggestion is to just tough it out with your parents and it will benefit you more in the long run if you stick to your goals. Good luck to you!

  11. navy_wife905 says:

    its hard i moved out right after my 19 birthday im 20 now! lived in kentucky and now live in san diego!!!! big difference. honestly finish college get a vet tech career then start looking for vet tech jobs out in la or sisco but seriously cali suck ass i hate it here. and the job economy is HORRIBLE!!! granted i got married at 18 which was the best decision ever there are ZERO jobs out this way ive lived out here for almost a year and still no job!!!!!!!!

    stay with your parents finish school get your degree then move out!

  12. Monique says:

    When I move out I went to college it was hard living without my parents but overall it was not bad because my rent and utilities was included in my tuition. When I moved into another apartment it was a little harder bacause i had to work because rent and utilities had to be paid on time. so it was difficult so i think you should go to college and live on campus or live in student housing where your rent is included

  13. ??????? ? says:

    I’m 17 years old. I recently moved out of my dads house last Thursday into our new house with my boyfriend who is 20. It’s definitely going to be hard but we’ll be okay. My boyfriends a pilot and he makes pretty good money. and I just got hired part time teaching ballet. So we should be fine. I’m still in High school. I live 30 minutes away from my dad and 5 minutes away from his parents so its not that bad.

    You might want to wait til after school. You have to pay for everything. but if you have the money, go for it. It will be hard.

  14. bhavya_july says:

    hey this is the story of every 18 year old now a days , i can share with you my friends’ story and then give my opinions on it.

    there used to be a friend of mine who decided to move out at an age of 18 and moved to L.A frm New York and he decided to continue his studies there but came back after three months just because of difficulties you are talking abt. while another friend of mine passed through everything smoothly and is still living away for 10 years.

    the reason is :-
    you may find it very annoying and disturbed and demotivated when your parents yell at you and you may like to have a lot of freedom and independence and may want to experience sense of responsibilities of feeding yourself
    but the fact is when you will move out WITHOUT job you may find a lack in quality of life and you may find it very difficult to handle with all the worldly nuisance put together on you
    the fact that second friend survived was that he had many talents and many relatives to help him there.
    my advice would be that you should move out only if you have some ability to do job or to make money , to make goood friends easily so that they can help you , you are not spoilt and you have some sort of help in face of relationship or friend in there .
    you can try to move out and live in N.Y for a month or so and then jump because that’s what i did when i was 21 after completing my education
    so its completely your decision now think hard ,decide pros and cons and then conclude what you wanna do but beware.
    because you haven’t done your education
    you’ll have to decide because we’re not going to suffer it’s you and only you
    further queries ask me at

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