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Q&A: Is it ok to take a break from college and reapply else-where?

by tom44 on June 26, 2013

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Question by Cody: Is it ok to take a break from college and reapply else-where?
I am a student at Missouri State University planning on a bachelors in biology and also intend to apply for med schools. Currently I go to classes while i live at home with my parents. They are separated so I go back and forth between houses. I have a very good GPA and have never failed a class and I am about to start my second semester of sophomore year. The issue I am having is that my parents are I impairing my ability to focus. My mother has issues with alcohol and a boyfriend of hers. And my dad is constantly paranoid and interrogates me about what my mother is doing with her life. All the while both are driving me to the edge. I am severely depressed and feel like I can only be happy of I left. I am not happy living here and want to go live with family in San Diego, which would not be an issue for them. I feel like I need time to take a break from everything and get a job to possibly work off some debt. My only issue is how bad would this mess up my academic career? Would it be possible to apply for a different school after a year or less? Im not worried about my transcript, just whether or not it is possible to be accepted into another school after a break like that

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Answer by Dan
Yes you can most certainly take some time off but make sure you are doing something like research, volunteer, shadowing or something to gain up on experiences and extracurricular activities. You can say that you took some time to gain up on experiences nad had family problems so you thought it was the best decision at the time.

The work potential you have now would definitely decrease so you would have to work up for that if you take a semester or two off. You can always apply to a different school by transferring but you should know that transferring can cause problems like credit wise (personal experience -_-)

I think its best for you to let go off family problems and only focus on your academics for now. You are onto a great future and dont let your parents ruin that for you. Seek some help if you are really depressed. Think about your future.

It is advisable to not take time off as the process of being a doctor is very long. It’s like approx. 15 years of your life so that’s why. But if you do take time off then make sure you are not just sitting at home…do something that is related to your field along with a job to pay off the debts you want to OR even try to acquire a job related to the medical field.

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One thought on “Q&A: Is it ok to take a break from college and reapply else-where?

  1. Gabriel says:

    Of course it is

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