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Q&A: Is it honestly a bad idea to become a pharmacist?

by tom44 on May 2, 2014

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Question by Olivia: Is it honestly a bad idea to become a pharmacist?
I want to become a pharmacist because I love science and I like learning about medicine as well but I do not want to go to medical school. I looked up what it is like though and people said that it is getting even harder to find a job. They also say that the future for pharmacists is even worse. I will be out of grad school anywhere from 2018 to 2020 if I don’t take a break after undergrad since I will be in the class of 2016 at university of Portland this fall. The reason I am concerned now is that I will owe a lot once out of school and being unemployed wouldn’t be an option. I plan to hopefully go to a well known pharmacy school though that is in the top twenty at least. Do you think I will be guaranteed a job (in either retail or research) if I work hard in school? I want to be a pharmacist I just don’t want to face unemployment after a ton of hard work and a ton of money.

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Answer by Zubayer Sylar
don’t worry about being unemployed because there are a huge job for pharmacist .i think you you that and also very prestigious so go for it dear….

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One thought on “Q&A: Is it honestly a bad idea to become a pharmacist?

  1. T says:

    No one can say you will or won’t be guaranteed a job in any field of study. However, the pharmacy job outlook for 2012-2020 is expected to increase by 25% which is faster than the overall average for all occupations. The number of old people is growing, new medical advancements lead to more medications, and the medical field with perscriptions and medications is become more complex. All are reasons why pharmacists will be in higher demand.
    However, I do understand that this is a great risk for you monetarily. And I do not know how good you are in science and medicine so I won’t know if it’s a good job fit for you or not. But the future for pharmacists is not getting worse.

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