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Q&A: International Student looking for work in New York?

by tom44 on April 3, 2013

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Question by MrSandman: International Student looking for work in New York?
I want to spend a few months in New York studying for my Emergency Medical Technicians qualification.

I would however need a job to support me. How easy is it for an international student from the UK to find work in New York? I don’t require much money, just enough to take care of my basic living needs. I’m probably thinking about working as a low level postion at hospital, perhaps in basic nursing or maybe in customer service, retail or at a restaurant as a waitor. In fact, I’m open to ideas.

Best answer:

Answer by jannsody
Perhaps you can try the local restaurant and apply as either a host or server (term ‘server’ now sometimes used instead of ‘waiter’ or ‘waitress’ 🙂 The job application may ask if you are a US citizen, and perhaps you can ask management about how to secure employment while being an International Student. (Please steer clear from those online ‘job opportunites’ as most are Not legit especially if asking for money upfront.)

For general career info: and search ’emergency medical technician’ or such. There may be other resources listed at the bottom of that entry.

For US colleges: and perhaps you can find out from the particular college that you are attending about the process of International students attending college as well as employment.

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