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Q&A: In your opinion where is the best places to live in VA?

by tom44 on January 14, 2014

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Question by Chloe: In your opinion where is the best places to live in VA?
Looking to move to VA soon and I do medical and writing. I want to stay in VA, but be close enough to DC for work for writing. I don’t know how the towns are, but I don’t want anything expensive and would prefer a safe town for my daughter and I. I know most of the writing jobs are in DC. Are there some cheap places for apartments in north VA?

Best answer:

Answer by nickipettis
not cheap. Fairfax County in Northern Virginia is one of the most expensive places in the country.

People who want to pay less either
1) have roommates
2) live in Loudon county, or Fredericksburg.
Some people who want good house prices AND a lot of land actually commute from West Virginia.

some places in maryland are a little cheaper, but in short, this is not an inexpensive area.

sorry i can be more helpful about the sort of plce for you to look in.

the Washington Post is online, and the classified section is broken down into areas, so you can compare actual prices that way.

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